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6mm unicorns


There 2 motors with red and blue wires, and 2 with black and white.

Which is cw an which is ccw.


Standard is black/white for ccw & red/blue for clockwise. Unless they did something whacky, that’s how it should be.


K thanks bro


So just to be sure i got this right black and white go to the front right and back left?


Yes that’s the standard if you’re running betaflight


When you get them up in the air and after a bit of use, please let us know what you think of the unicorns! I am curious about their reliability as well as performance…


I tried them and i think they draw too much current and the battery plug on
my whoop causes a bottleneck effect forcing it to failsafe


I had a feeling there was something up with them in one way or another… too high of KV will really screw up some batteries innards, as well as possibly messing up andd stressing out FC FETs, especially if the wrong props are used… All these new high kv rager motors could do more harm than good sometimes lol


But other than that i hovered around 25 -30% throttle and decided to give
it a small punch out to about 75% throttle and it hit my celing before i
even got there lol they are wicked powerful


yes, the power is certainly addicting! lol


My 617 25000kv from MMW works just fine. I use a Betafpv FC, Ph 2.0 connector and NBD Nitro nectar HV 250mah.
Are you using 4, 3 or 2 bladed propps?


One of the verified reviews on the unicorn motor website states that the unicorns aren’t very reliable and only lasted 2 hours before they started to give out… that’s kind of interesting lol

On a perfectly good working brushed evo f3 FC, I was over propping some dark 18s for quite a long time with some eachine triblade props… The juice was sucked out of the battery instantly leaving the packs screaming hot to the touch and puffy, JST connector was roasting hot, as well as motors were so hot they’d slightly move out of their position in the grommets they were seated in due to loosening the rubber with heat lol

I eventually switched from the dark edition motors to some cheap generic motors on that FC, and the craft would barely hover at 100% throttle. My theory is I cooked the FETs slowly over time by over propping and using super high KV (not to the point of complete FET failure, but certainly made it so they weren’t functioning at 100%) . Since its too much work to replace a FET for me, I have now retired that FC and use it for small testing purposes.

Point of the story is just be mindful which props you put on your high KV motors, because it can do more harm than good if you are not careful.

What I will say though is when used with the right props (afunta 55mm) those dark 18s are hella fast and do no damage to the FC FETs, and VERY reliable quality. MMW motors are truly the best, and there is such an awesome selection to choose from.

They may be a bit pricier, but the quality is there 100%!


The only reason to fly the high kv 6x17s is if you are racing in a 6mm only class. These motors are quite inefficient, more difficult to tune and will burn out quickly if not treated properly. If you have shedding dogs or frequently try to take off in grass, they will not last long.

So unless your are racing in a sanctioned class that mandates 6mm motors, do yourself a favor and get the 7x16s. Just my opinion.


Benedikt gave me the same advice, i bought the 617 anyway. Im very happy with them so far, alot faster than the 716 17000kv setup. And the whoop feels more agile with less weight. They actually dont get super hot as i thought they would, still they might not last very long. Just bought two sets to try, still on the first set.
Yes the power is a bit crazy, but its so much fun :grin:


4 bladed props. And pics pls, sounds epic


I think 4 blade will be too much with the high kv. 3 or 2 should be less heat and amp draw. Mine still have loads of thrust and im considering trying 2 bladed propps to get more flight time.


I just jizzed a little. Whats the price of a build like that?


Thanks bro :grin:
Its about 100-120 USD at MMW, im not sure what ive paid since i only ordered the frame and motors from Benedikt. Bought the other stuff from various sites, mostly from Chinese vendors.