5" vs micros


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Thanks man. I’m enjoying and learning from this thread a lot, and i appreciate everyone’s contribution to this debate. I tend to question everyone’s opinion, but i guess it’s just my way to learn better. Of course it’s never my intention to be unrespectful with anybody.

Thanks everybody!


I think many of you have seen already the almost only place i can fly in a daily basis

I’m planning to move from my appartment in the city to the country in the next months, so my fpv playground may change, and hopefully improve.

And, by the way, i already know JBFPV piloting skills and can’t help to be amazed every time i see a new video from him


Brother you are absolutely ripping it up there! Beautiful speed runs! You are right, I’ve seen you fly that space before… but you have gotten alot faster for sure!! A light 2s 2" brushless would be my go to for that space. They have enough punch to power loop and split s those trees and generally make more vertical areas your playground while weighing about the same as your brushed for safety. However since you’re moving soon … it’s smart to wait. If your next space is huge … a 2s 2" may feel slow in a big field. Nice work man.

Oh yeah, also … smart people question everything - keep doing that! Clearly we are all enjoying your discussion - I know I am!!!


Very succinct analysis, @NotFastEnuf, and profound truth! :smiley:

Sage advice! It doesn’t matter what you fly. What matters is practice, practice, practice!! Most here are living proof that practice works. :smile:

Speaking of which, I need to heed this sage advice myself – lots of talk (online), not enough walk (flying practice). :blush:

Yes, the famous Spanish dog park! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@Aaa: You have a lot of courage and perseverance to keep flying there, and your flying has improved a lot as a result! Keep doing what you are doing, and you will keep getting better, whether you fly a 2" micro-brushless at the dog park, or a big 5" quad when you move to the countryside. :wink:


Thanks a lot, man. The quad i flew in this video is the fastest brushed i’ve got. Frame and props were specifically selected to get that speed. Still not even near to a proper brushless, but i will get there.

Now i have to stop spending money on this hobby for the next 2 months or so. It was almost out of control until now, almost every day receiving new stuff in my mailbox. I have parts for some more brushed builds but brushless have to wait, and that will be perfect to study what i want next. Eventually i’ll explore bigger quads, but maybe the best way is just going gradually increasing size and s’s in my lipos (unless i suddenly find some really large spots to fly in a daily basis)

When i first tried to fly acro i thought it was like learning to drive, or learning to play guitar. With some practice now i’m feeling really comfortable flying. All this wouldn’t have happened without the help from the community


Thanks man!! That dog park is a really good training spot!! I learned to avoid crashing because i don’t want to clean dog shit from my builds… :laughing: well, not really dog shit but lots of gravel and dust. I just broke dozens of props and some frames there.

And what you (and notfastenough, and maybe others) said about practicing and practicing no matter what kind of quad you fly is just pure truth (in fpv and in life in general). If you can master an underpowered quad, when you get an overpowered one you may do some magic with it (after a little adaptation training)