4in1 ESC question


Probably a dumb question that I should know by now, but if one of my quad motors draws 8 amps at max throttle, can I safety use an 10 amp 4 in 1 ESC? The rating for a 4 in 1 is for each motor ESC not total current right?

If so have you guys tested any cheap, but durable 10A or greater 4 in 1 ESC with a JST connector (not really necessary because I could solder my own). My old one was 20A (overkill) was $32 so I’d prefer if I get a cheaper one.


Yeah. The current rating is for individual ESCs. I believe there was a thread a week or two ago that was abt 10 ESCs

Found it-

There were a few good ones there


That thread has only stacks and 16x16 escs. I guess I forgot to say that this is for my larger micro quadcopter with 20x20 spacing.

Are the racerstar ones any good?

Also, have you bought from Aliexpress. A lot of reviews say they cheat people and PayPal dispute doesn’t work, but some of their stuff is cheaper than banggood


My bad. I have a list of some that I could use

I’ve used the kingkong one before, and it’s a champ
I have not bought from aliexpress, for the same reasons as you, but not sure how correct they are, and I tend to stay away from places that doesn’t accept PayPal and it’s benefits.


I have the hakrc, it survives spintech motors which is a good sign.
I think @las is using them on his 4s monsters too.


Thanks guys. Now I feel cheated spending $35 for my first 4in1 ESC haha! Live and learn I guess.

I’ll probably go with the KingKong one or the HakRC one since you guys have used it before and it’s held up.


Just don’t be tempted by the eachine dark18a (if it’s even still around).
Las and I both got one.
Both are dead.


@Bobnova Thanks for the heads up!