45C or 75C and 450mah or 650mah lipo?

Last question before I purchase my parts and officially join the brushless squad (maybe unofficially till I build it :slight_smile: )!

I’m building a brushless quadcopter with EMAX RS1106 4500KV motors and GF3025 props. My 4 in 1 ESC is rated at 15A.

My build will weigh approx. 75g without the battery, and can generate approx. 265g thrust per motor with a 3S battery @ 8A draw per motor.

Three quick questions about battery choice:

  1. Should I get a 45C battery or a 75C battery? Is 75C overkill? (450mAh45C = 20A) (450mAh75C = 34A)
  2. Should I get a 450mAh (43g) battery or 650mAh (59g) battery? Will this give me longer flight time because I think I’d have a good thrust/weight ratio either way?
  3. Should I get an expensive Tattu from genstattu.com or a cheaper Turnigy nano-tech from hobbyking.com, or is there a different brand you guys can recommend? I’m fine paying a lot if the batteries will last a long time, if I treat them well.

The 45C, 450mAh tattu is under restocking till mid-september… :sob:

The turnigy nanotech batteries are good stuff, so are tattu. You’ll be happy either way.
At 8a/motor the difference between 45c and 75c (not that either of them are likely to really be able to put those out) isn’t huge, but it’s there. 75c is definitely better.
650mAh 3s is fairly heavy, but will give you a longer run time at the (probable) cost of some punch.
I’d get one or more of each.


I’d always go with a higher C given a choice, be aware that there is no way to compare C ratings between brands as they all have their own ideas about measuring it. The more reputable companies can be trusted to give a fair indication in their C ratings, cheap ones basically lie about it.
A higher C Lipo will get less warm with these motors too.
You might get about a minute more from the 650 over the 450 but the 450 will be more nimble.

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Are these power connectors bad though on the 450mah? I don’t think they are XT30. I would save like 3 USD per battery so maybe I could easily replace the power connectors, but would that decrease the power or lifetime of the batteries?

Those turnigy nano tech batteries are legit. I bought 4 when when I got my blade Torrent and they have the most punch for that size battery, I’ve only had one cell go puffy because I landed really hard on it. (under-slung battery mount)
My new favorite is Gaoneng GNB 11.1V 350mAh 80/160C 3S Lipo Battery JST/XT30 Plug. Those are 38g and have 3 plugs coming out, I honestly don’t think they have any more punch than Turnigys do but they are alot cheaper. I also haven’t had any get puffy yet, but they are the latest I’ve tried and I don’t crash nearly as much anymore :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Gnb makes lovely stuff, very happy with my gnb batteries.

You can totally change connectors, just don’t cut both wires at the same time (short, arc, blam!) is all. Well over half my batteries came with connectors I’m not using.
Xt30 connectors are nice and easy to install too, no crimping required.

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I’ll go with the Turnigy Batteries. Is HobbyKing a decent vendor?

Of course Tattu 450mAh 75C. Better qualtity and real punch.