4 in 1 ESC Issue


Hello everyone. I’m using a 4in1 for my build. The quad flies fine, but when I connect a AIO cam the board goes wacko - almost like a temporary brick. I’ve tried all type of 5V sources on the board, and the same thing occurs. When I disconnect the AIO cam everything goes back to normal. I replaced the FC and the cam and the same thing occurs. My ESC has 6 wires- I connected the power (red wire) to the + battery pad on the board, and the black wire to the - battery pad on the board. The remaining 4 wires were connected to the signal pads for each motor. What could be wrong here? The battery plug is also connected to the battery pads on the 4in1. I’m getting tired of carrying around a 150mah battery to power my cam. All help is appreciated, thanks.


If I understand you correctly, you’re powering the FC from the ESC, and connecting the battery to the ESC… is that correct?

I’ve come to the understanding that powering the FC from the ESC is “just enough” power for that board, and I’ve had to get power for a cam from the battery itself, though that’s also forced me to use a BEC/Pololu to ensure the cam didn’t get fried.

Review the output of the ESC, esp in terms of amps. The Eachine Minicube, for example, provided a very low current from the ESC.


If the fc can take 2s to 4s input directly then use heavier gauge wire to connect the fc directly to to battery connection on the esc. You should then get reliable 5v from the fc output.


I’ve tried to use a pololu so my cam can take battery input, but it bricked my board. I’m using the racer star 6A 4in1.


What fc are you working with? If you have the most recent 20x20 racerstar 6a then the red and black wires are a 5v bec out. So you have this 5v source connected to vbat in your fc. In other words, your fc (that also likely has its own 5v regulator) is only getting a source voltage of 5v and is trying to make 5v with a linear step down regulator and is probably only making a little over three at best. Your fc is starved for voltage and when you hook up a cam it shuts down.

Solution (assuming you have a bec on the fc) Disconnect the red and black wires off the 6 wire harness. Jumper the vbat + & - from the battery to both the main esc pads and the vbat pads on the fc. Use 5v (most likely on a uart) on the fc bec to power the cam.


I have the most recent one then. I’m using this: https://m.banggood.com/CleanFlight-BetaFlight-Micro-F3-Flight-Controller-Built-in-PDB-Buzzer-20X20mm-For-FPV-Racing-p-1094615.html I used a multi meter and it’s putting out 5V. I tried to connect the cam to the red wire but it still acts out. I’m quite confused :joy: :disappointed_relieved:


You need to give that fc board full battery voltage on its vbat pads. Don’t use the bec (red and black) from the esc. You have two becs arguing with each other.


I’ll try it! Thanks


Like I said, feed the fc from the Lipo connection pads on the esc.


It worked great. One last question - can I select DSHOT with my setup if I wired things normally? Or would it require some type of mod?


D shot mods are specific to your equipment if they are necessary. Escs sometimes require an input filtering capacitor to be removed. Flight controllers sometimes require resource remapping and signal wires soldered onto different spots. I’m not super familiar with your specific equipment so I can’t save you any time … but there is no harm in setting it in the configurator and doing the - try it out and see - approach!


I’ll try setting it to DSHOT. No harm right?


No harm. Props off. Set it to d shot and then spin it up in the motors tab. If all 4 spin, you’re probably golden!


The betaflight wiki has all the information about what to do on your fc and your esc of it doesn’t work if you’re the read first sort of dude. But nothing is gonna let the smoke out on a brief test. It’s safe to proceed.


Thanks for the confirmation! Is DSHOT way better than oneshot?


Yeah. Way better and in my opinion better than multishot too. I wasn’t a believer in theory till I tried it and watched my motors come down significantly cooler than they did on multishot.

Here is that wiki link


That sounds awesome! Is there anyway to have DSHOT with the babyhawk?


Yep! This is the easiest way.


D-shot is well worth trying out if you have capable equipment, even boards needing a mod are fairly easy to sort out and the mod is reversible if you choose. I love the extra smooth power delivery I feel it brings and run Aliens, Piko blx, Femto on d-shot600 no problems.