4 blank solder pads

So i found an old fc that i have no knowledge about any insight, particularly as to what the four solder pads are for. They are on both sides. Flashable??

it probably could be, but it would require figuring out the pins for leds, motors and radio. Also, not sure what radio chip that is, it could be anything

looks a little like one of the syma boards

How would i do that without risking its demise?

without risking it’s probably not possible, especially when you can get a silverware board for $7 atm

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What can u tell me about this fc then ie. Data, clk, 3v3, and reset

Need a picture of the main chips on the other side to work out if it’s flashable


And while we r on this streak what about these15200392248001385083253152003934248853039970

I would say those boards are unlikely to be flashable. They contain integrated MCUs and radios which there aren’t any datesheets for. Boards which contain Stm32/GD32 chips and MPU 6*** gyros are easier to flash. Check the wiki for silverware supported chips http://sirdomsen.diskstation.me/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=openmicro

none of those has supported processors…

Like this one?

what board is that? anyway, the stm32 has to be f0xx , that’s f103

Silver is the developer, he would know!

Its the fc of a skyviper hover racer

you know I’m silverxxx, right

not sure if it’s a joke or not :slight_smile:

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Yeah I know that! I was just highlighting to OP that you’re the man in the know :grinning: I was replying to OP with your quote

oh, I get it :slight_smile: I’m a bit slow lol

Doubtful! :slight_smile:

Are they really going to switch up the e011 board? Do you have any info on that?

so far there was only 1 report, so probably the e011 is either still old stock or that board was a prototype. Still, the new board is cheaper to produce, so they’ll probably adopt it