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3d printers.. Which one do you use?


From what I understand the Creality will handle enough to get me started. As I understand it the CR10 will handle anything I realistically want to deal with an upgraded nozzle and an enclosure. MDF is easy for my buddy the cabinet maker. Even if it won’t handle "everything I’ll have a frame of reference of how the whole process works and can decide if “hillbilly ingenuity” is cost effective or if I’ll have to modify my expectations.


So I think I am going to go with the QIDI X-smart? anyone have any objections? It looks like a very nicely supported (tech support) unit and is enclosed. All set up and what not.

@NotFastEnuf I promise I wont stop bugging you now that I can print my own. I will probably be bugging you more as I try to print more difficult filaments.


Bought th QIDI Tech I last night with a 20% code. Look forward to sharing my experience. Dual extruder sounds like its gonna be a bit to learn, but nifty when I do.


As newcomer on 3Dprint the CR10 is a solid printer in its class. Only minus in my opinion are the missing automated Printbed callibration, the fans are a bit loud on stock and eventually that they have only one Z stepper motor instead of two.
But all this things can be upgraded if needed on time. So it´s not a big deal over all. It works nice on stock for me with no issues.

Here some examples of printings i have done with the CR10 maybe that gives you some expression of the possibilities.
>click< PLA
>click< PLA
>click< Flexifill/PLA
>click< Nylon CF-15


Thank you for sharing your experiences with your CR10! My wife really likes your “Groot”! What has been your experience with the durability of the nylon for quad frames?


I can tell you my experience is the CF nylon was amazing until I hit a construction stick (wood stick marking something) at full speed… centered on the quad. It snapped the arm off and collapsed the betacube camera in on itself. Spendy crash on that one. It came out of no where! Too bad I wasnt flying acro. might have dodged it with a quick knife edge move…that I dont know how to do yet…


I am pleased if my experience can help to make the right decision for you.
Thanks to your wife, most like this little guy. :wink:

About nylon i can say that normal nylon is to flexy for printing things like frames.
Nylon mixed with carbon like Filamentum nylon-cf15 are much stiffer, less flexible and works much better for quad frames. The backside is that it isn‘t easy to print. It tends to wharp heavy and sticking on printbed is quit a challange.
But if you have figured that out it is the most recommend filament i have testet for quad frames.
Before it breaks it bend extremly and can damping heavy impacts. surely it is not indestructible but extrem durable.
For quad frames it’s my first choice.


TronXY T819 metal chassis, DIY KIT.
22x22x21, Heated bed.