3D Printer Suggestions


Hello everyone. I’m in the process of making a 3D printing company, and I’m looking for a commercial 3D printer. I need something that is very reliable and good quality. My budget is $1000 CAD so I’m aiming for the best possible printer for the money. All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.


Hey Josh,

I know little more about commercial printers than that they cost way more than 1000 bucks. But maybe I have some useful tips for you.

Before you setup a business, gain some experience in your field. Make connections. As long as you are not making reasonable profit, there might be limited benefit in going though all the official hassle.

Go to maker spaces. Look at printers. Buy one. Get printing. Learn designing. Use the parts you print in your life. Improve, re-design them.
Making reliable and good parts on your own printer requires serious effort and dedication.

I have bought this entry level, very small printer a few years back.

Here (Australia) its called the “UP! Plus 2”, but Im pretty sure the same thing is sold under different names. It was around 2k at that time, its now around 1k. I would buy it again.

It took me a few months of experimenting to find the right filament and the right settings.
Im now using this stuff exclusively:

I estimate that I have printed 30-40kg of primarily small (1-10g) parts through that thing over the last 3 years.

I have spoken to many other printer people during that time, and ordered prints from various small, medium and large companies. Its a serial challenge to make good parts at a good price point. Its an even bigger challenge to make a profitable business out of “just” printing parts.

Most people that do 3D printing as a business, they do this as part of a bigger picture. Making parts is not the main goal, but it supplements and enables the main project.

What is your main project?


I was planning on making an online website in which customers can send their 3D designs, and I would print them. There would be a large selection of fillaments to choose from. Just an idea… I don’t know that much about the 3D printing market, but I’m looking for a printer that can help me start off. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.


I would start off fairly cheap, 200-250 bucks. The monoprice makerselect series is hard to beat for value. $1k does for you some more features, but not as much as you’d hope.
Actual commercial machines start north of $10k and go way, way up from there.


is like the ebay of 3D printing, so you dont have to spend time with the website. If I would offer parts for sale, thats probably where would go first. I have ordered a few pieces over that site, with very mixed results. Site works great.

Offering a lot of different filaments and taking any random design can get you very busy with not much return. Some things are very hard to print. Designs are not always good, and customer expectations not always realistic.

A $200 printer will not get you into business, but you will be able to learn the basics, so you can make a smart next move.