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3d printed Frames


After i am back from hollidays i gonna give that frame a try… Nice one!


I’ve printed @T4b’s sweet 85mm frame in nylon carbon fiber. It feels really nice. I modified it slightly to have supports to hold the scisky in place. Hope to get the electronics on and try flying it this evening.

3D Printers if you had these choices would you choose any of these?

OOOOOHH, I want thaaat!!!


Can you tell us the weight please


6.0 grams for just the bare frame. It’s @T4b’s from a few posts above, he’s got it on thingiverse. I’ll print the camera mount in PCTPE but i’m not much of a pilot yet and am sticking to LOS until I improve my skills.


I just PM’d him


Have anyone tried Whoopee by Oscar Liang?

Looks like a great thing to make.


Yip - got it in the post at the weekend direct from Oscar as I’m in the UK too.

Using BG 8.5mm motors with Ladybird props, Micro Scisky and a 1S Nano-Tech 750mAh, AUW is 56g without the FPV system which I should have time to fit in the next few days…

It’s a very stable and powerful unit with great punchout (for the weight) and is pretty quiet too.

Nice quality on the printout and no issues with the build!

Will post up some pics when finished…


@sean awesome work! Looks like really good print quality. I’ve struggled so much with nylon fibre filaments…
If you want to I could add your modified frame to thingiverse (ofc. with proper credits to you!)


Can you do nylon carbon fiber, as Sean did here:
I’m more interested in the material. If not it’s fine, nice job either way!


Not paying attention
Just read your last


Here’s the build with the FPV kit installed - 67g AUW with the Tic Tac canopy!

I think I may have slightly warped one nacelle when heat shrinking the ends of the motors… :sob:


These are about 23% of the frame that i’ve printed. All of these frames are on thingiverce and holy conole it sure is handy to just print a new frame out rather than waiting days for a new one to ship out lol

For quad transportation im using a Dremel case that i’ve cut out to store the sauce to fly/ fix.


Ive printed so many of your frames, i love the locked in feel of em. They hold up pretty decent in a medium speed crash with the mmw cl o8 17s.


Cheers mate! Great to hear that you are enjoying it :slight_smile:


Hey Guys!

I made a remix for the famous Micro 105 frame by Punkkills, which allows for quick swapping of a frame. I’ve tried out alot of frames but I like the Micro 105 the best, but replacing broken frames after every session became old pretty quickly. So I came up with this:

Hope you guys enjoy!



browsing thingverse i came across this…
it looks neat.


The top plate looks like an air vent cover lol but it is sweeeeeet! Sounds crazy too lol


@tronaton: Cool find! Never would have occurred to me to build a Tiny Whoop-based hexacopter. Funny enough, @JBFPV appears to have found and commented on the Youtube video three months ago. :smile:


Hehe yep I’m everywhere! :slight_smile:
Never built it though, thought it was going to be a bit heavy for a 6mm build and the standard lipo’s. I built an 8.5mm hexacopter, but that was also not much of a success. It was heavy and lacking power.

*oh right, I forgot, I tried to design a tinywhoop hexacopter frame myself, before I found this frame. Check the comments on Thingiverse! :smiley: