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3d printed Frames


Haha. That’s what I thought when I looked at this pic.
Definitely need some high quality loombands. My supply goes down.


I would whait for your loctite glue - try to clean the broken parts as good as you can and loctite will do a good job :wink:


Did some flights with just soft crashes and landings. Getting slowly better with acro mode indoors. But no flips and rolls.
So far everything’s good.
We’ll see what happens when the next hard crash occur.

Didn’t order loctite.
Ordered this:


That’s a hell of a deal on the uv glue. I saw it for $18 us on amazon.


@jayodas pointed me to that.
He also found one a little cheaper on AliExpress.


I’m glad a few of you are excited about using the UV cured glue. I still haven’t received mine yet but eager to try it out. My 3D printer is still in it’s box. I hope to make time to build it in 2 weeks time.


I used 3 versions of 3D printed frames and all of them brakes same location: motor mount :frowning:

I don’t have my own printer so I pay someone to print it for me but all three different frames breaks in the motor mounts.


@ahlod That’s kind of strange. I never had a problem at this location on my frames.

Was it a super tight fit? Because maybe you already had a kind of invisible defect though pushing the motors in?


@TomHaus Some of my frames are tight and others not so much they are all the same. I think I need to change my printer guy hahahaha. they are brittle, I only enjoy them after 2-3 crashes :frowning:

probably I’ll look for nylon next time


I designed a new frame today, it’s made so that 3mm Carbon slots through the base. Top plate will be held down with screws. Available here http://www.shapeways.com/product/GBTF5D9ET/113mm-fpv-micro-drone-frame-mkii?optionId=60239593


Someone managed to break the last version after a few dozen crashes, I think the carbon-nylon composite frame should solve this. Update in two weeks when they arrive.



my first build/post!


Some more prototypes on the way. The black frame should come in around 6g with 3mm carbon arms.


It came in at 53g with a 580mah battery which is 13g. Flies nice, but a bit slow.


Here’s the frame I designed and printed at home from ABS. The frame size is 120 mm and its a little longer than it is wide. I designed a custom tray that the Scisky board fits in. Since the bottom of the board has components on it, I made little raised bosses around the edge of the tray where the board doesn’t have any components or solder pads. I then put little strips of servo tape on those pade and stuck the board down. It’s rock solid now.
Initially, before I added the tray and just had the board stuck down with servo tape, the board would move all over the place when I plugged in the USB cable, which made accurately zeroing the accelerometers impossible.
The frame, including the top deck and nylon hardware is about 9 g.


Looks good, and well designed too.


Has anyone tried triangular arms? Something like this


check out my latest 3D printable frame:

Inspriation came obviously quite significantly from Benedikts Dreamcatchers :slight_smile:


One day I’ll buy a 3D printer… Very very nice work - all of it!