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3d printed Frames


I thought you were talking about angling forward. I’ll give outward angle a try.
I have been playing around with the slotted idea, it’s not as light or as cheap as a single piece- about 13g at this point- and very expensive at 26USD. Still needs work, but gives an idea of the crazy structures that can be printed.



Dihedral is a better term like the Chaos Mini Quad in the pic.


Here a “slim edition” of my frame for Scisky FC


Do you put the frame files on thingiverse so we can give it a try?


I have GOT to get a printer. So many people flying cool frames…


They are already on Thingiverse. But as I’m didn’t manage to tune my printer properly until lately i designed the motor mounts 9mm so that they come out my printer 8,5 :stuck_out_tongue: And i also want to make a few more minor improvements…

Here are the links:


Hopefully i manage to update the final version until the end of the week. If you don’t want to wait, you could of course scale down the model in the meantime. Although i would suggest to mount the motors with m3 tape because then the whole frame doesn’t get any thinner…


Thanks! Going to print one tonight.:+1:t3:


@BobMarley Would be nice if you could tell me how it came out your printer. Don’t know how it works for others by now :wink:


I’ll have to give this try too! I’ll let you know right after I dust off my printer tonight.


I updated the Scisky edition now and added a version which has exact 8,5mm motor mounts. Plus i made the base a little bit thicker. It might be 1g heavier or so but much stiffer now.


Here’s the hex frame I customized using OpenSCAD to house a Syma X5C FPV camera with SD recorder and a MJX X800 FC. Printed in ABS. I would prefer the motors to come out the bottom so I can use heat shrink around them for legs and keep the battery off the ground. First time messing around with a 3D design and I ordered the prints from a guy on www.3dhubs.com. So it’s back to OpenSCAD to see how I can modify the mounts to hold the motors the same way the MMW Carbon-H mounts do.

Weighs 54.5g without battery. Test flight this weekend.


The motor mounts could be a bit tighter. Maybe half a millimeter. Fixed this with a loom band on each motor before pushing them into the mounts. The other frame will get some mmw motors. Hopefully i can try them out today. So far it looks great and solid to me.

Can you please put seperate files for the frame and topplate on thingiverse.


@BobMarley Nice!

I’m curious how you think it flys :blush:

What version did you print? Because the “room_racer_scisky_edition_85.stl” should be a exact 8,5mm inner motor mount diameter.
Can you measure the thickness of the bottom and the walls of the motormounts? Because i designed the bottom with 2mm and the walls of the motor mounts in 1,4mm. But it comes out smaller of my printer. That’s why i thickened the bottom up to 2,5mm and the motor mounts upt to 1,8 in the updated (room racer scisky edition85.stl) version…

Separated files are uploaded now!


btw, it looks like you got a kind of “vertical layer separation” at the motor mounts. Hope it’s still stable though!


I printed both the 9mm and the 8,5mm Version. The 9mm went into trash because i have nothing to hold the motors properly.
The 8,5mm version just needs some rubber- loombands to fit and sit strong inside the motormounts.
It is a really good flyer, tested it today with juncheng 3015-2 fc and stock hubsan motors and jjrc 1000 props… Juncheng 3015-2 with CL0820-15 and -17 motors will follow these days for sure. Like that frame a lot by now! Good work! Make the motormounts just half of a mm smaller and they will fit well.
But lets hear if another one that printed it maybe dont got that issue i have.


Need to start printing again… :joy:

Lost one prop in the air and ended up this way.


@BobMarley Damn! I only managed to break one frame in the last two weeks although excessive crashing on hard floors (parquet and tiles) and had more fears for my parquet! Where did crash into? :smiley:

How thick did the base come out your printer? Because everything over 2mm should be fine - even with PLA filament… If you are printing with Simplify3D you could also use the “horizontal size compensation” function: https://forum.simplify3d.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2042 because i designed the motor mounts exact 8.5mm in the updated version.

But very nice to hear that you like flight characteristics :slight_smile:


One more question: Did you mount the top plate with the spacers? because i think that’s a very important factor of strengthening the whole construction.
I had one of the arms broken which are then of course the weakest parts of the frame. Never thought it would break on that place like yours did!


I dont use topplate because i fly that one without fpv and put the battery on top of the fc.
I just did some flip and one prop went of so the quad keeped on fliping and crashed from about 10 meters high into good old german asphalt…
I only have a UP! Mini 3D printer and use the software that came with it.


Okay, that explains why the whole front broke off :smiley: