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3d printed Frames


I found this 3d printing community website where you can order a 3d print from someone near you.


Very cool frame design! Specifically glow in the dark I think that would be very cool! About the bike inner tube. I use those in woodworking but cut from truck tires to make large rubber bands for holding miter joints together. Great idea using the bike inner tube for battery bands.

I like what I am seeing here with the design. Wish I had the time and money to invest in the 3D printing or even a small hobby CNC. I will need to settle for now at just being able to make the part that makes these fly. Very nice work. Specifically the part of going back to the drawing board to fix whatever weakness is found each rebuild.


If you are in Australia and dont have a 3d printer you can use these guys;

https://www.3dhubs.com/ (same as @jayodas)

I have used them a bit now and find them really good.


I find this design which I found on rcgroups pretty interesting:


Not as beautiful as a RS90 but I’m pretty sure it does a good job if it’s lightweight enough.


Saw this too.
Rs90 brushed was first thing came to my mind.
Think he’s planning a 8.5mm version too, which I would prefer.


Yeah he stated on rcgroups he would make it to fit 8.5mm.


My (office’s) 3D printer only prints in PLA, which is comparatively weak compared to ABS (or nylon I’m assuming, sweet find @jayodas) but it seems to be doing ok.

Don’t worry @madman1412 within 4 years you’ll have a quality desktop 3D printer for under $500, I’ll bet you a 3D printed frame on it.

Working on version 2.0, keep an eye out for it but don’t hold your breath, I’m also building my first 250 in the next week or two. Got a chance to hang out with Skitzo FPV while he was shooting this: https://youtu.be/C2m9wuQGYLQ and the next thing I knew there were parts in the mail to me… damn you amazon prime.


@Helios That’s a really cool design. I like it.

Here’s my first go at designing my own.


Someone had posted that vid somewhere else in here too. Totally sick what that guy is doing!

I know that 3D printer is coming. What would really be cool is if they came out with a hybrid CNC, 3D printer that could just interchange a router and extruded head. That would be very cool. I have looked around and for sure one can be built from scraps very cheaply and I have seen various kits right around 500 like the reprap. Arduino controller, some extruded aluminum rails, a few servos and various pieces of hardware that can be sourced many places and one can be built pretty cheap barring the time it takes to put it all together and get it to work. I been watching just do not have the time or money to jump in on that yet. I am sure it will be well before 5 years comes around though.




I really like some of the designs here. I’ve been experimenting with SLS nylon frames for 8.5mm motors.

The first prints were a bit flimsy around the motor mounts so I’m printing the next version with solid mounts. Still a work in progress- getting the frame below 10g and keeping it strong has been a challenge.


cool frame …:thumbsup:


I’ve made a couple of designs I’ve put on thingyverse, this one is my current favourite. Seems to be the most popular with others too! :smiley:

I’ve also reworked it for slight bigger FC’s, and quite often do conversions of Syma X5/FY 326 -Q7 with em. Fun little cheap fliers for friends.


Cool man! Here’s another weird one, an endurance cruiser. Scisky FC combined with hk qbot parts. Using lithium ion cells I’m getting 30min fpv flights with 0815 motors.


nice. cool frame :thumbsup:


That’s damn impressive! I would like to know how to get that kind of fpv time and would love to see more about this set-up.


@paul I’m interested in how you get 30 mins flight time from your geared build as well. Thanks!


I use a Samsung 30Q 3000mah 18650 cell, which is 47g. It’s fun to fly, but very slow in comparison to a micro. i designed the frame so the cell can be held by the landing gear.

More info here:

Hope this helps


That’s awesome! And inspiring; I’d like to use this design around a long distance rig and land it at my parents place. Whats the AUW of the whole quad? What do you use to charge and plug in that battery?


Thanks, I couldn’t believe it myself the first time it flew. AUW is 98g with an 18650. I bought the cells from eBay and I’ve been using usb charger (cheap no name brand), nothing fancy. They take about 2 hours to charge. I soldered a JST connector onto them.

There are many different 18650’s but the high discharge 10-20A ones are what you’ll need. I can’t find any below 45g.