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3d printed Frames


I’m making this thread as a place to share and showoff 3d printed frames, designs, and stl. files. I’m not sure how many people here have 3d printers at home, but, everyone should be able to find access to one somehow, somewhere.
The first stop for 3d printed anything is Thingiverse where @Benedikt and the MMW has shared designs. I believe I’ve seen other MMC members involved there too, so please feel free to link your profile and designs as well.
The most popular commercially printed frames are offered by Quattrovolante who has really killer and super clean designs with high quality prints available to buy. Offered free here is his V1 stl. that anyone with a printer can use for themselves. And I’m very happy with how mine came out in Glow in the Dark filament.

Since my printer is rather low quality and PLA I’ll be looking into getting one of those for sure.
If anyone wants to play around with 3d modeling I found the easiest free program for beginners like myself to be [Tinkercad] which I used to create this: (https://www.tinkercad.com/)

Is anyone else designing or using 3d printed frames they’d like to show off?


Awe man! I wish I had the time. And a little more equipment. I have looked at 3d printers but have another project that is at the forefront of my obsession at the moment. I just want to say that all this combined is what makes this hobby so freaking cool. There are many arts to master. I love the challenge.


Beautiful! nice work on the frame. Very cool that they shared the stl @boomtown


Good plan, @boomtown!
I made a forum category for it, and moved this thread.

3D printing is an awesome hobby in itself :wink:


So I’m curious, @Benedikt what printer do you own? I’ve been subbed to r/3dprinting for a while drooling. :yum: [edit: but I dont actually own a 3d priinter :frowning:]

Here is my frame feel free to try it out friends!

frames.zip (404.3 KB)


I have a UP Plus 2 with temp module (allows to adjust nozzle temp in 5deg increments) and print primarily semi-transparent high-impact ABS on perfboard (metal print bed with holes).
It’s a very small printer - it moves the print surface in 2 axis and the head in 1 axis, this reduces the footprint a lot. It can print 140x140x140mm. After dialing it in and learning all the tricks, it’s a very reliable printer, very quite, doesn’t smell, and just works. I love printing :wink:

Looking at that frame, two things come to mind:

  1. The arms. They will break. Right between the mount and where they get wider.
  2. I have seen that frame on http://www.micromultirotorgear.com/
    Interesting website you have :wink:


So what gives @lordnibbla? are you the micromultirotorgear mystery man? Like @Benedikt says, I have seen that frame.


thats where i break my picnic quad effX 120mm CF/birch frames all the time.


Silence from the Lord of the Manor :smile:


Looks lighter than the insane o copter! I’ll try to print it and see how that goes! Any eta on those hex boards?


I want to know more about these 31000kv motors!
Holy hyperspeed!


Exactly, I want the facts :wink: I find it hard to believe that 7mm brushed motors could achieve 31,000 rpm.


We need a guinea pig
Any idea who may have the tools to find out?


yikes, i put 7mm on for sanity… i might hit the throttle on those and quad permanently implanted in my ceiling.


Kv typically refers to unloaded rpm/V. “In testing, the 7x20mm motor can achieve 31000rpm(!) with a standard hubsan prop” sounds more like loaded and under 1S voltage. A 14.000Kv motor at 4V spins at 56.000rpm, unloaded. I did not find an other way of measuring that but sound, and even here you already need to derive the speed from the harmonics rather the dominant frequency, at least at full throttle. With a prop on, the sound image gets much more difficult, and my previous methods did not yield consistent result. I have used gear drives to reduce the speed to something measurable, and for the 0820-17 motors, I have seen results above 35.000rpm loaded, but I’m not sure if they are accurate.
My next plan is to capture the sound profiles with a scope, and then export and process the data on a computer.
I’m keen to see details of the tests conducted with that 7mm, and hope to learn something :wink:


Hey guys.


first of all, it was not originally my intention to bring attention to any possible plans I might have or products I am selling on this particular forum board, I had thought it would be in bad taste to advertise on another man’s platform. Through no fault of his own, @boomtown had done a bit of sleuthing, and pointed the site out, and here we are. I probably should thank you for bringing it up.

I am really grateful for our Chief Scientist @Benedikt and this community that is budding and flourishing and as well the r/multicopter community over at reddit. The last thing I would want is for any ill will.

That being said, yes the site is mine. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I’d like to answer any questions you might have.

Some background:
I made the site as a step in being able to apply for Amazon brand registry, and had a lot of fun making it. It was not meant for public viewing just yet… :confounded:, but I’m grateful that we have the chance to discuss at this time.

As for the frame:
Benedikt thank you for the feedback and kind words, I haven’t actually had a physical copy of it yet as the design isn’t finalized, and it does indeed look like a weak spot you pointed out. I’d like to actually test it out, but yes looks iffy. I am finishing up the design for 7mm and 8.5mm quad and hexa frames of the same style. Id be more than willing to share with you all when they are ready. The files I’ve shared are a bit outdated, and hopefully in a week or two we will have a finished design.

As for the hexa board:

You all can follow where I’m at in the thread

For now it is just in testing, and for learning purposes. I have all the components in but the .01uF cap was on back-order with digikey so I ordered a set from mouser, just waiting now for that. That being said, the plan has always been to eventually have the PCB produced and assembled for a production run. I was working on this long before AlienWii released the schematics, but since the files were released publicly, it has made things much much easier. I have gotten quotes from MFG’s locally that are actually reasonable, and look forward to the day when I actually make more than 3 at a time from OSHpark by hand. If anyone has suggestions beyond including the 5v buck boost, feel free to comment in the alienflight thread ( I am already looking into higher rated FET’s)

As for the motors:

After looking on my HDD’s, I cannot find the original video recordings I made of my testing as I never actually edited then or shared them I kind of hope I find them, my videos are very unorganized… I tested the 8.5mm version as well in the original video. In the meantime I made a short video just now for you all. I am using this tachometer and applying the reflective tape to the propeller on one side. I am not certain of the accuracy of testing this way, but this is how I did it. Tonight, after testing, I came up with 29-30,000 rpm using batteries that probably needed a full charge as they’d been sitting for at least a few weeks. On a fresh motor with a fresh battery I would hope to see the same results that I saw a few months ago in initial testing, but again, the method is not exactly the most accurate, but at least I am able to get consistent measurements. I’d be comfortable stating that 28-29,000 rpm is an expectable result using the same tools. As for efficiency I have no tests that I conducted.

Yes this is consistent with the data sheet for this motor. about 56,000 unloaded in my testing.

If you are outside the USA and would like to purchase, I can create a listing for international shipping as well.

I’d like to mention that I am going to run a giveaway on r/multicopter for the 7mm motors in the coming week. I was thinking a simple contest where entrants would show off their favorite builds and/or workstations and my favorite 15 would get a free set. Any others interested would get a promo code good for a discount valid for two weeks after the giveaway ends. (the details of the giveaway are not finalized, I am working with the Mods of the subreddit to design the post, please check there for the post when it comes.)

Hopefully this clears up all initial questions.




I want to see these results too. I do not think you have any trouble learning new things @Benedikt, I am always wondering how I will ever catch up to you when you have 5 or 10 different things you are always digging into that are new. Best I can hope for is to follow your results and learn from all that you share with us :grin:

@lordnibbla, thanks for that thorough background. It was indeed good sleuthing both on @boomtown and @Benedikt, Boomtown found the links and Benedikt noted the frame from the website when you posted it :wink: I haven’t yet looked at your links but am going to now. Lastly, competition is good, it gives a guy a reason to be better at what he does. I am very loyal to Micro Motor Warehouse and the Chief because of how he conducts business. He has high morals and goes above and beyond the call of duty to help the community not just sell his goods. I also run a small business and I thrive off of the poor customer service that other vendors of the goods that I sell because I treat all my customers as though they are my friends and I want every one of them to feel like that when I complete my work. Since I first ran into @Benedikt last year, I have gone on a mission to learn what he shares and share back to those that need it. That is what makes this community so great throughout this hobby. It is a tightrope walk for me on a daily basis to manage my small business and try to participate in this hobby I love so much so I flounder back and forth between making money and spending it on all this then robbing time to play from the Biz too. Many weeks I do not get to fly anything, days go by and things sit as if in a time capsule waiting for me to get back to them when I have a moment.


Are you sure that only the reflective tape counts into the measurement? Could you measure without it? - just as a sanity check. Black can reflect better than you want under certain circumstances :wink:

If the other side of the prop counts into the measurement, you would have to divide your result by 2, leading to more believable values.


Sure that sounds reasonable to test. You want to see if there is a reading without any reflective tape?

@las I’m getting around 61000 with no reflective tape. so that’s consistent with just over 30000. Haven’t tried tape on both sides.

So by looking at the 56000 unloaded compared with the results with the tachometer I own it is plain to see that either

1 The MFG is underselling their spec sheet


2 The tachometer I own is inaccurate.


3 I’m not measuring correctly.


Yep and with reflective tape on both blades of the prop. I think with reflective tape on both sides of the prop you just would have to divide your readings by 2 to get the “real” reading.