3d printed battery holder for e010

Hey All !!!

is there a link to the 3D printed battery holder for the E010 for the MyLipo 205 1s?

that was referenced in the Micro Motor Workshop - hacking the BeeBrain video session?


No image, same?

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@chrisdo Yes! I was wondering what the easiest option was…this should do nicely. Now to find suitable foam for DIY version.

I just cutted off the battery tray and use a rubber band to hold the battery.


Thanks @benedikt !!!

I see MicroMotorWharehouse has added it to Thingverse :slight_smile: battery bracket to mount whoop pack into E010 http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1858000

@chrisdo haha, sometimes the best tech is low tech. :+1:

true true, I went a step further and am only using one :slight_smile: used it in the front as a template to snip two vertical cuts in the tray to form a bent tab then installed it in the rear. the pressure from the bent tab in the front keeps the battery snug and in place


How much weight did you that save on the frame ? Probably quite a bit, did you loose anything in the way of structural that is noticeable? I was thinking of speed drilling the fan ducts as appropriate to see if I could get some weight reduction that way.


I managed to get the frame weight down to 4g. Removed battery tray and trimmed the ducts with an exacto knife. Stole that idea from @Luftschraube (was it you?)
So far it’s solid and didn’t break.
Long term testing will tell the truth.
But for less then 2 bucks a frame, I don’t care.

Stock e010/h36 frame

Modded frame

China Whoop

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Sweet !!! Nice carving on that one !!

I should start whitlin’ on my spare… your 20.00 is with or without battery ???

@chrisdo dude that looks super rad!!! Dang it Bangood…ship meine frames!!!

Yes, without battery. It’s 26g with mylipo 205mah.

Have you guys saw this? Even cheaper than BG.

3 of 4 frames in bad condition.
Let’s see how gearbest customer service compare to banggood.

That’s a bummer dude… hope they take care of it for you quickly and with no hassle

good news is you have one that you can use now !!!

I made a little adapter for the battery bay with some sheets of craft foam and super glue… Just used calipers to measure the inside dimensions of the bay and cut a little bigger so that it fits snuggly…

I cut off the complete better tray. 0.4g less payload. Only need 1 loomband 0.05g and battery is secured.

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Nice work @befreestudios.

I did the same as @Luftschraube.

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Nice, I’ll try that on my next one (Furious Whoop). :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m down with full removal of battery cage and an elastic band too, elastic band are tradition!