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3.5.7 bf and brushed issue


3.5.7 and brushed AFNG FC.
Won’t hover, just flips
Motors and props all check out. FC foam mounted. Lemon sat. Dsmx.
Haven’t completed bf wiki dx6i fix yet,
what older bf target do you suggest I flash that I can just fly with?


Does board alignment check out? (does the preview quad in bf configurator move the same as the real quad?)


Yes it checks out,
After some reading I discovered a bf wiki page about the rc smoothing a (new?) feature that my dx6i does not support (11ms)
There is a cli fix that I haven’t done and will now because I prob would be flying already🙄
When I do, I’ll be sure to report back
Not new, the page is dated July 2018, man, I need to keep up