2S vs 1S ESC/FC differences

I have just ordered a HakRC 16x16mm stack to build a 60mm footprint micro quad. I see conflicting info on whether this flight stack can handle 2S or not. Some pages list 1-2S, others list just 1S and there are reviews saying “blew up when trying to put 2S on it”

I would like to know what i can look at to determine if it can handle 2S? The ESC is rated at 10A, which would be a bit of a waste on 1S. Is it the MOSFETs that limit the max voltage? Or is it the onboard BEC that supplies the EFM8BB1 chips?

FYI this is the tower i got.

And here is a separate listing for the ESC part of it stating it is 1-2S.

I am thinking that if this little beast doesnt fly so well i would like to use this setup in a 2S build with 1103 motors, just wondering whether its possible maybe through the use of an external BEC for the FC

The Hakrc 10a ESC…Yup, I’ve seen some reports for that; keep it at 1s. In the AliExpress listing the ESC silkscreen says 1s. We’ve seen this confusion before with other stacks with the ESC being 1s but the FC being rated for 2s, which really doesn’t make much sense.

I think a couple of guys from RCgroups had some and they weren’t impressed with the great dissipation. It’s such a small board that with 2s I’d be worried that after a short while the right board would burn out. Even though the MOSFETs may be able to handle 10a you need to ask if the trace can handle the current. So it’s multiple things that limit the max voltage and also the max current (something that people forget).

Ahh thanks yes that sounds like warning bells. Well as luck would have it, xt-xinte said they were out of stock of that board, and asked if i would like to cancel the order or accept a partial refund.

It sucks because there doesnt seem to be many or any 16mm stacks that are 1-2S capable - plenty that are 2S upwards capable but my plan was to try it in a Beebee66 frame first (1S), and if that doesnt work out then i thought that high amp rating, and 2S would be good for the 12000kv 1103s that i have, in a 75 oor 85mm whoop frame… I had those paired with a Play F4 but i think its too much current for that board, i keep getting core temp warnings.

But if that ESC has bad heat dissipation then it wont like those motors either i guess, even if it can handle 2S…

Thanks for the info, i think I will just cancel the order and look into other ways to spend my time/money this month

Here, found the post by experienced Silverware user SirDomsen https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=40430760&postcount=886

But Ian444 then says that he didn’t have issues with the ESC.

The one i had ordered was slightly different - it had motor plugs instead of solder pads. And 1105s are even more motor than i was intending for it - but he was talking about 1S. Anyway I guess its not that important since the order appears to have been canceled.

But wow that silvermicro FC… That is too cool! I would love to try something like that one day. I have a hot air gun now so maybe i can pull it off? Do you need to keep a tiny drawer full of SMD caps, resistors and other parts? Or do you order just the parts needed (I can see myself dropping a 0.2mm long resistor somewhere jeapordising the whole project)

Yeah, Hakrc released two of those ESCs and one with the motor plugs was for the stacks, but I think they were the same board.

SirDomsen was talking 2s by the way (2s battery in the last pic).

I never did build the Silver micro, it had limited range but would have been perfect for a whoop. If you’re tempted you could buy the specific amounts (and a few extras just in case) from RS Online or Digi key or you can but books/rolls of 50 x caps/resistors from Aliexpress or similar. I’ve done this in the past, just get the ones that are right on the specs e.g if the required resistor is 2k 1%+/- don’t get the 5%+/-. Had a few builds with the incorrect values and caused loads of troubleshooting issues.