2s Pigtail Wire AWG?

We all know the best AWG thickness for whoops/1s etc but what are you guys running on your 2s builds? I’m in the process of updating a few pigtails on my scratch builds and batteries and just wanted to see what you guys are up to. 18 AWG would seem right to me with up to 22 amps, good for 6a ESCs?

The GNB 2s 450mah which I use have 18 AWG leads so I use the same on my pigtails where possible. Some AIO boards have small pads so it’s very hard to solder wires thicker than 20 AWG and I’ve seen some boards arrive with as thin as 22 AWG pigtails :see_no_evil:

I’d say if you can fit 18 AWG, go for it.

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I went for 18 AWG in the end, not too chunky. I’m using separate ESCs so I don’t need to worry about space on the board. Thanks @fichek

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An old habit from installing car stereo systems. I use a slightly thicker and a hair touch shorter wire for my ground wire. With car stereos a fatter shorter ground wire kills ground loop feedback (or whatever it called. Its that annoying noise through the car stereo when you slowdown the car.) Or pay $20 for a ground loop isolation block to fix the same problem.
I also believe this is why my brother identical builds have more video noise. Ground loop feedback, idk I may be crazy but Bubbas video feed is always crappier than mine.