2s Capable?


48mm props (MMW)

Would these handle a 2S whoop setup?


Motors bro, can the motors handle 7.4volt. If not the prop question is moot. Imho
More detail needed weight and size of quad .
What size props are you running now?
Props are props bro they dont adhere to voltage values. sure a different prop may run ur motors hotter or a Lil faster. If im wrong aboit voltage and props someone explain it so i can learn too.


Current set-up is a SPC Maker 90A running 7.4 motors with 60mm props.

Thinking of putting the guts and motors into a 8.5mm whoop style frame.


If it where me 1st flight i would cruise for a minute. Check the motors temp. (electricity is basically fire, in that it creates heat when used.)
Hot is OK, if its as hot as a lit cigarette thats to hot. If the motors arent scorching hot fly it harder and check again. After a few packs you should know if the prop and motor combo will work.
That being said an over all to heavy quad will run scorching hot motors aswell