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2s brushless arco? Is it for real?yes


Nice builds, I also measured the stator at 1105, on all the dys I’m using and that’s 6500, 7500, 8500, 10,000

As far as batts go I use bolt lihv 500mah, Lumenier 500mah and venom 430mah all 2s


Interesting observation, @Ian444. Reminds me of when we started seeing 2204 size motors that were actually 2205, e.g. Cobra.

I wonder whether DYS is labeling their 1105’s as “1104” to side-step their promise to RotorX not to sell the RX1105 and RX1105B motors as an OEM product.

Thanks you for confirming this, @FPVimpossible.


Aren’t their 1102’s actually 1103 also? (Technically 2.8 or something)


I like these DYS 1102s. Performance seems comperable to 1103s.



If I would have seen this thread 2 months ago I would have been sceptical. My only experience with micro BLs are my 2 Blade Torrents, with the 7600kv “1104” motors and I’ve turned rachet wrenches that spin smoother (must have strong magnets). 3s is great, 2s is like a big tiny whoop which to me, acro seems risky. I also tried Boldclash 1103 8000kv with 2" Torrent props and it was a struggle to get Airborne on 2s.( I removed 1103 soon after)
But recently I received some kingkong 2840 props and I cut out the canopy so they fit the 110mm Torrent, (20x20 stack) even with the included prop gards it can do everything it could do on 3s, NOW ON 2S!
And that got me looking at the propellers. The 2840s are also 1.5mm taller than stock 2" props which I suspect in playing a big roll in performance… And multigp you just need to be 66mm but what about hight? Can you use cut down props? Why had no one mentioned hight of a propeller!!! There must be performance to be gained… Has multiGP thought of this?!


im using racestar 1104 7000kv gemfan 3025 with the 500mah bolts…pico blx 6a 4in1… what do you set your lvc to? when i land and let the packs rest 10 min they sit at 3.78v. if i hook up my lipo meter and do a 4 second 100% throttle my resting voltage goes down to 3.9-4v. i think i destroyed my packs when i accidentally left them charged for 3 weeks.


awesome!.great flyin bro!. im building a 1s 69mm brushless