2s brushless arco? Is it for real?yes


Building 2 or 3 (or more) is a very good way to find the best setups quickly. A/B comparisons work better for assessing different props or motors, compared to just having one quad. Also, often I am reluctant to modify my only quad of type if I am not fairly sure of the outcome, but with 2 quads its a lot easier to mod one and have the other as “control”. I was experimenting with 4" LOS quads recently, and the one that should have been the slowest, was always the fastest, much to my frustration. It seems that the motors in it are fast and efficient, a motor that has a general ho-hum reputation (DYS 1306 4000kv). I also find it’s useful to not rob parts from an old frame unless you know it is truly redundant, instead put it in a drawer and then a month or 2 later you might find yourself pulling it out and trying something on it that you hadn’t thought about before, sometimes with success, and other times not so good. You can never have too many quads. And for the upcoming multigp class 2.5" 2S, its new, so experimentation will be needed. I think max performance is going to hinge on the motor/prop/battery choice followed by frame choice and build weight. Lately I’ve been thinking that the one component that has the most influence over how the quad will fly is the motor, and no matter how much reading or research you do, you can never tell what a particular motor is going to feel like/fly like in your own quad without buying and trying it. Just my 2c at this stage.


That’s very well put! I have unfortunately not followed much of that advice in the past and my hanger is like a Baskin Robbins. I have 1 each of 6", 5", 3", 8.5mm, 2s 8.5mm, 7mm, but have at least 3 flyable tiny whoops. Applying your formula and thought process - I definitely feel like I know what I like and don’t and what works and what doesnt in a tiny whoop build more than the other sizes because of that ability to do those comparisons. Maybe I need to re plan my budget to do 2 different 2.5" builds side by side. I was planning a second 3" build for some time also but now feel more motivated to complete it after reading your post. Thanks


Ah, you know exactly what I was trying to say then (with your 3 whoops). For 2.5" builds, I’m just using 3" frames, it sort of covers both configs. Plus the 3" frame makes sure the 2.5" props have as little obstruction to the airflow as possible (like where 3" props might be very close to or travelling over the centre stack).


Any weight limit recommendation on the frame?


Yeah so you guys are right, I am building 2 different class micros (freestyle/racing) , and as soon as I have the new motors, (I’ll be getting both 8500kv and 10000kv) to test. I’ll have more conclusive data. This is new ground we are breaking, and there is no better study than actually using the product, instead of theorizing all day. If it’s bad, I’ll let you know, if it’s good, same. But I’m in a position to acquire these products and willing to take the chance to help educate others


Sounds good, @FPVimpossible. Hope it’s educational for you, too. And fun! :wink:


Anybody have any feedback on running 1104 6500kv on a 2in prop? Is there one out there that gives similar performance to 2.5in or is it just not enough blade?

I have a frame already not getting used that will clear 2 in


Most of the people I know are using racestar 1103 10,000kv or dys 1104
7500kv for the 2", but that’s for 2s. Others are also using 1104 6500kv, 2"
props and 3s


@NotFastEnuf: My understanding is that for a 2" build, you just have to watch your weight. This is a bit harder with heavier 1104/1105 motors, as opposed to the lighter 1102 or 1103 motors. However, with the bigger motors, you can use a 500mAh LiPo, whereas for 1103, the sweet spot is closer to 300mAh. Given the excess power of brushless micro motors, 1104 6500KV and 2" quad-blade props should fly just fine on 2S, and rather fast on 3S.

For good 2" examples, look up the AirBlade Creampuff, RotoRex Nyuki 100, or FlexRC Pico X on RCGroups.

Disclaimer: I haven’t built or flown a 2" brushless myself. I’m a so-so pilot, and sticking to 3" and 2.5" for now.


Thanks guys, if I can keep the center stack low enough, I may be able to swing 2.5" over the top a bit. Or maybe I’ll just design a canopy for it an lose the upper deck all together. Lots of options and combinations to consider even of I am going to try to narrow it down to 2 builds. Frame is a kingkong smart 100. In its brushed configuration, it swings 65mm props over the top corners of the deck. I’ve seen a few brushless conversions on it so I figure why not. It’s still new in a box and I don’t even want to fly it. I already have one 8.5mm in the air. My assumption is that you just have to add small notches in the brushed motor hole to bolt in a brushless. I think I’ll start with 6500kv 1104, 2s 450, and just figure out the props by trying different ones as I go. Any opinions on racerstar 1104 vs dys 1104? I’ll probably end up with a set of each anyway - one for each build - but where should I start?


PS: Forgot to mention the HoverBot Nano. IMO, the smartest 2" design with protection for the props.

LOL! Just got a pop-up warning about having posted 20 percent of the replies in this thread. Cool it, Brainstorm! :blush:


I’ve been eyeballing that hoverbot since nick burns reviewed it.

Also, just took a calipers to the smart 100 - the frame design would not be smart for adaptation to brushless. Not good spacing for the fc.


The DYS are a known quantity, I would start with them unless you find what look like reliable reviews saying the Racerstars are good. I have a set of Racerstar 1104 4000kv and they did not disappoint in any way, however I have found that Racerstar make some very good motors and also some very average at best motors, you never really know what you are going to get.


So here’s some pics of those mysterious motors

1104 10,000 and soon to be released 1104 8500kv


They look awesome! Keep us posted on the props you spin on those beasts!


I fly rotor x 2535 props,

I have flown the 1104 10000kv on the 2.5" props single blade, I’ve tested that combo for a week and it’s pure insanity

Now I have them on a 90mm, cut to 2.165mm and it’s mind blowing the shear power, which I’ve now flown in this set up for a week

The 1104 8500kv I’ve only just finished pid tuning and the punch is nutz! Defiantly the highest torque of any 1104 I’ve tested


Nice squirt


Are those the legendary AirArsenal 1104 motors? I heard they won’t be released anymore, due to some QC issues. Im not sure if it’s true, hope not :smiley:
Great build! Which batteries you using? Cheers


Also interested here to know what batts you are running or which you find best, and thanks for posting the pics :slight_smile: My latest build in the first pic (LOS) uses 5400kv motors and HQ3030 cut to 2.7", but that’s just to start with. I only finished it tonight and haven’t flown outside with it yet, the frame is a Zappy 100 and it might go up on AP soon but not sure about that, I’ll update on that if anyone is interested. The frame weighs 5.0gm. I think I can rewind these motors to different kv’s and I have a couple of spares to do thrust comparisons with different props, so the quad will be a work in progress basically (a test bed). The DYS 1104 5400kv motors actually use an 1105 stator, I measured it. Maybe their whole range does, that might maybe explain why I saw no more power from the RCX1105 motors.

These pics are of one I’m already flying with DYS1104 6500kv motors (also 2S), it’s a 128mm frame I think, it was built in January to see what 6500kv motors and 2S on a very light frame could do. The result surprised me (good) but I’d like to do better if I can. It uses a mini pdb and some esc’s I had on hand, but I much prefer the 4in1 esc setup on the new quad.


They will be releasing the motor soon. The problem was a slight manufacturing issue, with the layout of the c clip and qc of the bearings, making a whistle at low throttle, which to me aren’t huge problems, but air arsenal doesn’t want to sell sub par products. Personally I thought the whistle was cool, and for the clips I used tpu spacers to allow the c clip movment, it does suck tho to have waited so long just to have them miss on those things.