2s brushless arco? Is it for real?yes


Link to that frame, @Jtwalkz?

Welcome to the forum, @Ian444! Keen to learn more about you and your work!


@NotFastEnuf: 1105 6500KV motors will work great on 2S with RX2535 quad-blades or RX/GF3025 dual-blades. If you pay attention to motor temps, you can even go 3S.

Agree that 7000KV and up would be better suited for 2" props. But then the 1104/1105 size is kind of heavy. If one were to want a 2" build, it’d be better to go with lighter 1102 or 1103 size motors, IMO.

@burtlo: I thought this is the 110mm frame that @Jtwalkz has, but it’s listed as 3mm. The one I’m talking about is this 105mm frame, which has convenient 20x20mm mounting holes for Piko BLX FC and 4-in-1 ESC. And it’s 2mm CF, so lighter in weight.

See Ian’s store on AP for all the other nice frames, both brushed and brushless.


I always have a problem posting links from the Armattan Productions site


Just for anybody out there interested in building a micro rocket, I’ve been testing some new gear, and have a wealth of knowledge, I’d love to share with ya, side note I don’t build whoops or brushed or caged, but I research a lot and test a lot and stay current on the latest micro components for the most beastly micros you can build. Thanks everyone for watching


We all appreciate the knowledge sharing. Thanks for your willingness, @FPVimpossible!


Let me have a try:



Gold Star for @marapet…nice work!


Thanks, @Jtwalkz and @marapet.

Basically, if you want to mount your FC with double-sided tape, pick the 110mm frame above. If you plan to use 20x20mm electronics, pick the 105mm frame.


Haha, looks like I fell down a pretty good rabbit hole! Great company by the looks of things :slight_smile: Hi Denovich, Chaotix, Brainstorm, and everyone else. @Jtwalkz, glad you like the frame.

I like the look of the 2.5" 2S class for multigp, it makes sense and they will be quick. I prefer 2S in this size quad as it seems to keep the quad more agile, I do know of others that prefer 3S though.

I’m experimenting with a carbon fibre tube frame for 1104/5/6 and 2S at the moment. Recently I have been making larger quad frames with CF tubes and thought it might translate well to a smaller size, the results so far are very encouraging, the narrow arms seem to have an advantage over flat plate frames. I made one using some beat up DYS 1104 6500kv motors and the speed and acceleration was surprising. The 2nd and 3rd frames are being planned so I’ll keep you all updated. The downside is the tube frames take a bit of time to put together, not that much though. I guess the benchmark motor to compare others against (for 2.5" 2S) would be the DYS 1104 6500kv or RotorX 1105B 6500kv. I measured the stator on a DYS 1104 6500kv and it appeared to be approx 4.8mm. Maybe that is why I could never feel any noticeable power difference between 1104’s and 1105’s. I never tried DYS 1104 7000kv as the current draw seemed to increase a lot for little thrust gain (in the given data) and I’ve really heard no reports from owners either.

With the 2.5" class, I guess its going to be a matter of first choosing a prop and a motor that work best together, and then selecting the rest of the components to make the lightest possible quad that can handle crashes without breaking too easily. At the moment there isn’t much prop choice in 2.5", I’ve been fairly happy with the RX2535 in 2-blade config so far, and they are light. I also see the Walkera Rodeo 110 has a 3-blade 70mm (2.75") prop that might be useful, but expensive too (Edit - received some Walkera props but the bolt holes are at 5.5mm instead of 5mm, not really useful). Plus any 3" prop that can be cut down is a contender too.

FPVimpossible, be interested to hear any motor developments and other ideas you have as they develop, thanks for posting this thread.


I’ll definetly let You guys know of the new motor development. There is a
lot that I know of that are coming out, and have you tried the new walkera
props? A friend of mine has them and says they seem pretty good.


But also overly expensive :wink:


They are about the same as rotor x props in cost. Also heard from a little
bird that the 1104 10000kv are about to drop. That’s right 10,000kv


Won’t that burn a 2s 500ish pack in like a minute?? And likely glow in the dark? Reminds me of my drag racing days as an idiot teenager where we didn’t even run a water pump. Just fired up a bare block - buried red line for a quarter mile and shut it down to coast to a stop. Pull it home on a rope or trailer. Lol

What’s the secret in motor construction to getting kv up that high without overheating anyway? Larger air gaps, weaker magnets - sort of the opposite approach to building a super tweaked and tight low kv motor?


I’ve pushed my 500mah to 5min. I set my radio to 3:40min and it comes down
at 3.8v


Heck yeah - I’m riding your coat tails on my build - that’s at 6500kv right? I was referring to the 10000kv though? Jtwalks said he is only getting like 2:30 out of the 1104 8500kv that he is testing right now. Just makes me wonder how 10000kv will work out from a technical motor construction standpoint.


@FPVimpossible: 5min on 1104 10,000KV and 2S 500mAh LiPo? Yeah, right! Also, can you please change the clickbait title before we get too far into la-la land?

Seriously, 1104 10,000KV will be terribly inefficient. 8000KV is already pushing it for 2.5" props. IMO, not worth it, unless you’re trying to win a (short) race on 2S. I know, with the new MultiGP Micro class, that will be a thing now. :stuck_out_tongue:

But what do I know? I like to go slow, steady, and easy! :wink:


He explained his 5 min time to me over on YouTube - that was with the 6500kv motors - and he said that was pushing the battery to its limits. I think we are confusing the coming soon 10000kv with his current build.

In all fairness - there is quite a lot that can be accomplished with well chosen motor construction. I know for instance that stronger magnets generate more heat in the coils - especially if the air gap is small.

If I were tasked with engineering 10000kv, I would choose weaker magnets, keep the air gap a little loose, and use a good heavy gage on the wind with a quality enamel insulator. It wouldn’t be super torquey but it may make the high rpms without melting down on a less draggy prop. And yes - hugely inefficient.


The guy is also posting via e-mail, without reading the thread for context. I’m kind of uptight, and get hung up on careless stuff like that. Sorry for being a party pooper. :confounded:


I’m sure you’re forgiven. Lol. You bring up a good point about really high kv motors being more applicable to racing classes like multigp… vs. What will be the best choice for acro freestyle flight. I remember this split dividing 5" & 6" 250’s some time back. As there become more options to build with - the two camps (freestyle & racer) begin to divide on what the “best” stuff is to get excited about.


I’m newly interested in this size class myself - it takes a lot of filtering to try to figure out what combination of components is going to fly the way I want my first micro brushless build to. I suppose I could just build 3 or 4 of them and figure it all out the hard way - but that would be a waste of money and the wealth of knowledge, experience, and opinions that a forum like this has to offer. I’m grateful for everyone’s contributions!