2s brushless arco? Is it for real?yes



Very nice! I have been thinking about building a light 2s/3s capable brushless for a long time, they look very capable and those racerstar motors are dirt cheap on BG. I just need to decide which batteries I want (2s or 3s) and I’m still looking for the perfect frame. Know any good frames for 1103 motors? :slight_smile:


For 2.5" props I gotta say look up Air Arsenal. If you wanna go 3" then the
Tomoquads predator.

I like 2s LIHV batts if you wanna go light or 3s LIHV batts, anywhere
between 450mah 600mah for 2s or 3s.

2.5" props are my favorite and the biggest you can use for micro multigp.
So if you go that route and want to race you might as well go for the
fastest setup, also works well for acro.

There are new motors coming out that are going to blow your mind on 2s and
make you Shit your pants on 3s…getting into the 10:1thrust to weight.
But I can’t talk about that now. So be on the look out




Also I’m using 1104 6500kv right now soon to be upgrading to 1104 8500kv


Clickbait title and then rumors about some magic new 8500KV motor. :slight_smile:

@Jtwalkz seems to have tested the same fancy 8500KV motors (see Smallest brushless ever) - Let’s wait for the proper tests before it gets too hyped - ok?


@FPVimpossible Thanks for the tips mate! Interesting!

@bobmarley Looks like a nice light frame, but it says 1105 motors. Does that mean 1103 fit on that as well?


Of Course…



1104 8500kv, aren’t anything new, people have been testing them for months now, you just have to be in the know. And they do blast.


Nice vid, @FPVimpossible!

To MultiGP, or not to MultiGP? That is the question!

150g is easy enough to hit. But 2S and 2.5" props does limit options. On the upside, it also keeps the resulting builds small and safe, kind of like Tiny Whoop on steroids. So I would expect this 2S/2.5" category to see a lot of progress and innovation in 2017.

Another good frame in this class is the Crook 110 BL from Rotorious FPV.

Right, @BobMarley. @Ian444’s (just realized Ian is on here!) 105mm is the frame I have in the pipeline as well. Light and simple. Perfect for 2.5" props and 20x20mm electronics. I need to get a move on and finish it soon.


Multi gp or not, they are still fun. Your right there is about to be a lot
of innovation this year. Hopfully in the prop area, that’s where we are
lacking. Motors are getting smaller, lighter and more powerful, and all we
have is rotor x props or cutting some 3"


Yes. And many of the 2S builds can fly 3S as well, just not under MultiGP sanction. I personally like 2S for low weight. But 3S is always a nice option for when you have the space to wring it out. :smiley:

Yeah. 2.5" props are still a bit lacking. Wish that RotorX would come out with a single mold version of the RX2535 quad-blades. That said, cut down HQ3030 and GF3025 work surprisingly well.

PS: Here’s a direct link to the Crook 110 BL from Rotorious FPV.



Hi Brainstorm,

Is this like a pm but it goes through the email channels? Pretty neat if it is, have not seen this before. Thanks for the heads up! I so have my head buried in the sand, seems there’s not enough time in the day to keep up with the latest. I didn’t even know about this multigp 2S 2.5" class, that’s going to accelerate development for sure, or even that people were using the 105mm frame. Need to lift my act!

Have you ever thought about doing a brief blog covering some of the latest developments in the micro/mini quad scene? Just a few snippets each week for example? You would be the perfect person to do this. What do you think, you have your finger on the pulse more than anyone else I know of…

I’ll send this and hope it doesn’t end up as a forum post or something…




Hate to disappoint… Hi Ian.


Hey, @Ian444. Discourse, the forum software for MMW Community, by default will send you an e-mail notification when you are tagged in a post. When you reply to the e-mail notification, it will apparently post your reply to the public thread. A bit too nifty, if you ask me. :wink:

I don’t race. So it was a coincidence that I noticed MultiGP’s two new classes for 2017: Tiny Whoop and 2S Micro. Both of these new classes are obviously quite relevant to the brushed and brushless micro builds that are popular here on the MMW Community.

Not sure about a blog. I really should be building and flying, instead of sitting on my lazy bum and writing. :wink:


Lol. Good to see you here @Ian444 you’ll be a great addition to the gang :grinning:


I’ve also been holding out for public release of the 1104 8500kv - but am curious on the rumors of the 2 min flight times. Is there any other configuration that may perform similar but extend flight time into the 3 min range? I don’t intend to compete - just for fun. Open to any suggestions to accomplish acro in this tiny and light build range.


Go with 6500KV! It’s plenty fast on 2S. :wink:


It does look that way from the video. Am I correct in assuming 2.5 in props for 6500kv and 7000kv and up better suited to 2in?


Welcome @Ian444,

Love your frames!
Your 110mm 2.5CF frame is my go-to for 2S BL builds.
Tough as nails!