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260 or 300mah for 716 whoop?


I want to buy new hv lipos for my 716 whoop but it’s so difficult to choose wether a 7gram gnb 260hv, or a 7.5gram gnb 300hv. The advantage of 260mah is that it is 0.50g lighter. About the 300mah, will it give me more punch, or it will just make my quad less punchy since it is .5g heavier? I want a battery that performs better in freestyle.


I was wondering the same thing- Take a look at the race day quads 300mah 1s.

They claimed 7g. I just ordered 10 to see what they’re like. I am currently using crazepony 260mah, which are also 7 grams, on my 716 whoop. Hoping for a bit more rip time!


I am running 300s with my 720 (38.5gr) with around 3 min flight time, I would think they might be a bit too heavy for the smaller motors.


@FPV_Lover I don’t fly enough brushed quads to be able to answer from my own experience. However, if the weights are indeed 7.5g versus 7g, my sense is that it would be a tossup. Plus, I’ve heard that the 300mAh packs deliver current more consistently and have less voltage sag than the smaller 250/260mAh sticks. So my bet would be on 1S 300mAh.

@Beegieweejie FWIW, I believe that RDQ packs are rebranded GNB. Both excellent packs. GNB from BG if you want lowest price and have time. RDQ from RDQ if you want quick delivery in US. :wink:


I’ve seen a video on youtube and the the guy uses 716 motors. He’s comparing betafpv 260 and 300mah hv. He said in the description that 300mah adds only 20 seconds of flight time over 260 and it feels heavier and less locked in compared to 260mah. I think I’ll go for gnb 260 hv. Thank you guys!


@FPV_Lover Good call! Much better and very insightful advice from somebody who actually tried 260 and 300mAh side by side. 1S packs are so inexpensive, you can always get 300 later, if those extra 20s were to matter at some point. :wink:


Indeed , i still prefer 260mah and below such as 205mah if you want full perfo on acro freestyle ^^


Just got my RDQ 300mah lipos. Only charged 2 of the 10 for testing just in case. Initially, things feel pretty decent, but I was switching between my Betafpv Lite NFE and Alienwhoop Zer0 builds (both 716 19000kv). More time and side by side comparisons are needed obviously. But RDQ had always been a wonderful vendor.

In terms of weight, the RDQ 300 and Crazepony 260 both come in at 7g. Physical/construction differences- RDQs lack of the plastic collar and white adhesive, probably contributes to the similar weights. I could easily shorten my pigtail a good bit if I decided to dedicate this whoop to these packs.