20 X 20 Vacuum Formed Canopy Camera Mount - Group Build

Hey guys, I’ve just been thinking about the upcoming popularity of the 20x20 stack design for micro brushless and there is no reason why we shouldn’t have a nice canopy for camera protection and a little style for this. So I thought I’d open a new thread separate from the whoop canopy thread to encourage some more group development and keep the ideas organized. My basic thoughts are as follows:

  1. Whoop style footprint - this would allow mounting on the 4 corners of the molding surface plate for square configurations - OR - canopy could be cut out and mounted in a diamond configuration. Covers both build options.
  2. A style that lends itself well to looking similar through multiple mold iterations for different camera angles. So we can create a kind of series…

So that said - here is where the group comes in. Anyone that wants to participate by posting a useful drawing, sketch on a napkin, CAD drawing, 3d print… or that participates in development by talking about this and just says please (Lol) - should be able to have one sent to them as reward for their work! My plan is to post them for sale on ebay and other forums, maybe even score a vendor - and use the proceeds if they sell to cover shipping to send them to our development group. Anybody think this is a good idea and want in?


I think this is a great idea and the logical next step in canopy world domination! A combo cover plate and cam mounting is a neat solution and should get weights down by a few grams on micro builds.
I think leaving a flat plate area to cut to shape is good, covers frames with non square mountings like the picnicquads ones as well as the 20x20 style. Rotorious frames are diamond based rather than square so test a canopy pulled at 45° to how you’ve been doing them and leave the flat base to be cut.

Thanks man - glad to see you here. The whoop type canopy when cut out is naturally at a 45 degree diamond mounting style. Do you think we should just keep those style of mounts and pop it over an existing top plate - or keep the flat plate look in the diamond with the camera “bubble” more centered?

I don’t have any 20x20 stuff yet, but you know I’m in! I’ll print things.

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Awesome! Now we can develop via 3D modeling in addition to sculpting! Nice to see you here!

I’ll start modeling a 20x20 base plate that we can pop different camera bubbles on to for development of angles and styles!

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@NotFastEnuf: I’d be up for testing a combined canopy/cam mount to fit on a 20x20mm stack. All the frames in my build queue have a 0 degree “square” orientation, i.e. non-diamond and not at 45 degree offset. Specifically, I’d love to try such a canopy to mount a TX03 AIO cam on @Ian444’s 105mm frame.

One idea would be to make the flat part large enough so it can be mounted on a 30x30mm (and 30.5x30.5mm) stack as well! You could add little ribs onto your mold to imprint an outline the area to be cut for both 20x20 and 30x30 sizes.

Another idea would be to design the canopy so it can fit over one of the existing 3D printed mounts for AIO cams, e.g. the cam mount for HoverBot Nano.

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I like those ideas. I was actually thinking of vacuum forming the camera mount similar to the 3d prints for under too. May be better than double sided tape there. You’re in when we get to a prototype!

The different dimensions of different camera models combined with different up tilts is mind boggling to make a one fits all design. The one standard is the lens diameter. So I’m thinking it may be best to have the sleeve mount on the lens and just make it tall enough to accommodate most cameras. The gap under the camera can be filled with a small strip or stack of foam tape. Hmm, maybe an insert that can be glued that presses up into the hood space from the bottom?

Anybody know what the largest aio cam board model is that we should design to fit?

There’s one AIO with a built-in DVR that’s (relatively) huge. I’d ignore that one and design for the TX03, which is very close in size to TX01 and TX02, although possibly a tiny bit (1-2mm) larger.

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There is also one with a ridiculous tall antenna post - can’t remember which - toss out that one too?

I would agree w @Brainstorm that the dvr model is huge, mine came yesterday.
It’s too heavy for a 6mm build for sure.
Would you consider a canopy for that cam for say an 8.5 mm X frame.
I would send you this on indefinite loan if you would make a few for me and anybody else that has this cam.

Eachine DVR03 DVR AIO 5.8G 72CH 0/25mW/50mW/200mW Switchable VTX 520TVL 1/4 Cmos FPV Camera https://banggood.app.link/P1abSY3vkB

Here is my short list of frames I would want this cam on:

Eachine Tiny QX90 Micro FPV Racing Quadcopter Spare Parts Carbon Fiber DIY Frame Kit

Kingkong Q100 100mm DIY Micro Mini FPV Brushed RC Quadcopter Frame Kit Support 8520 Coreless Motor

Eachine Tiny QX100 Micro FPV Racing Quadcopter Spare Parts Carbon Fiber DIY Frame Kit

We can do that for sure in time - but there is no way that giant thing is going to fit under a well styled canopy in a 20mm square footprint. Lol. But, in the time it takes us to complete this task first - you should get some good testing in to make sure that camera is a good go to option and is going to hold up. We should just be able to scale up our results on step one to fit that in the end too!

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I have that kingkong Q100. With a little Dremel work the vm275t fits under the stock canopy, pretty cool.
That said, a redesign that is a little taller and wider so you didn’t have to Dremel the thing would be very cool.

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A problem I see with the tx03 on a 20x20 stack under a canopy is that it’s 20 mm wide. For a square orientation this is fine, but in a diamond orientation - it will block the bolt holes. Move it forward and you run out of deck space fast - not to mention destroy the symmetry of swinging larger props over the stack. The tx02 is just as wide. How limiting do you thing 25mw is for range on a higher powered micro. I don’t have one in the air to test yet - is 200 even an option given its higher power consumption…

Edit - considering the geometry wrong. Actually less space from a stylistic design point on the square configuration. Do you think we should do 2 separate molds?

Maybe 2 separate ones (diamond and square orientation) are better.
One for all might be tempting, but maybe not the ideal thing for now.

Would love to have canopies for my q85 (20x20) and my Minimalist (30x30) both square orientation. Like the idea of @brainstorm to have the possibility to use them on both when cut out differently.

Also the idea of a separate vacuum formed cam mount for under the hood sounds interesting.

So I went to bed at midnight last night and layer awake till 2am scratching out the idea for the vacuum formed camera mount bottom plate and a shell that pips on top of it. Even came up with a design that “interior mounts” the hardware under the top cover. Imagine a wall in the footprint outline of the canopy on the bottom deck and a canopy the vertically comes down around the outside of that wall. I figure a stripe of that cell phone screen mounting double sided tape would be sufficient to hold the canopy on once popped on top. Got all the details worked out by about 2am. Then between 2 & 3 am - I decided that was unnecessary complicated and figured that a single piece panel canopy should suffice just fine with a piece of double sided tape under the camera.

For style sake - the diamond configuration allows more room to make something that looks cool so I think it’s deserving of a second mold.

As for a 30mm square, I’m just guessing right now - but I think that’s where we will have overlap in the molds - the 20mm diamond mold will also work well on a 30mm square.

Conversely, the 20mm square mold may also work well for a 16mm diamond configuration.

Anyway, enough rambling. Maybe I will mock up 2 designs - one 2 piece & one single canopy panel so we can visualize our choices.

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@NotFastEnuf: A single canopy, with camera attached with DST from below, is perfectly fine. No need to complicate things with a base layer, which would double the parts count for you.

Similarly, it does get complicated with 20x20 and 30x30, square/straight and diamond/diagonal options. Might be worth it to pick one to start with. Also consider competition from 3D printed mounts. They may not look as good or be as aerodynamic, but their variety is endless and thus better at satisfying niche preferences.

Agreed. Thank you. Ideally I would like to start on 20x 20 diamond but there are very few micro brushless frames that use that configuration. Not sure why frames like hell whoop and pico X use square instead. The moskito 70 uses the diamond but is way overpriced as a kit, and the swirlie - but just wierd