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2.5" light weight frame that supports runcam micro?


Hello! I currently have the predator x frame and it’s a bit chunky at 80g. I’ve been looking for a frame that can support my favorite rotorx 2.5" quadblades and also can support the runcam micro and my 1106 6000kv motors. Any suggestions?


If you can wait a couple of weeks there’s a new Rotorious Rip frame coming out that will suit your needs perfectly



What do you think of this frame? I REALLY wish it came able to support 2.5" props, it looks really sweet and only 10g


Do you know of any 3" light weight frames? My predator x is coming in at 80g and I’d really like if I could get it down to 70g, but I’m not sure of any lighter 3" frames that can support a runcam micro