1s tattu battery review

Whos using them on what and what mah. Are you happy with them?

I have 6 of them: 600 mAh , 1s
I also have 2 1300 mAh 3s

They all work great. Tattu is amazing value, great performance and affordable price

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Supposed to be getting a 380 600 and 800 mah to review just wanted to know what other people thought too tattu is basically the benchmark for performance in the quad world so I wouldnt expect any less lol

Where did you guys pick them up?

I bought them on Amazon, and they also have an own webpage

I don’t have them yet but being sent from amazon too

Ahh, I don’t ever use Amazon for quad stuff, I find it slightly overpriced.

Not a bad deal actually they come in a 5 or 6 pack for like $11

I need to find this deal… In the UK, probably why I haven’t seen a good one

Ah ok that might be it im in US

This is Tattu US official site: http://www.genstattu.com/1s-3-7v-lipo-battery.html
EU: http://www.gensace.de/lipo-1s.html

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