1s Lipo Test Database from RC Hobby Locker

Wow…Darrel Imhoff and @ScottAllyn , your work is VERY appreciated:




Thanks PJC!

I bought those CrazePony 230mAh batteries from Amazon last week, expecting to find that they’re the same 205 - 210 mAh batteries that others are using… only to find that they’re more like 250 - 255 mAh and perform pretty much the same as the MyLipo 255mAh LiHV batteries.

I thought something was off on my setup at first so I reran a couple of the MyLipo 255mAh batteries that hadn’t been flown yet and got numbers that match what we’ve put in the Spreadsheet; so much for that theory! I cycled each of the four CrazePonys twice and remeasured… and got pretty much the same numbers. They’re stellar little batteries! The only negative is that blasted PicoBlade connector.

They’re the same length as most of the other gumstick batteries, just a week bit thicker. And they actually weigh less than the MyLipo 255mAh batteries. My guess is that they have an extra layer inside as opposed to the same number of slightly longer layers like the MyLipos, tho that’s just a shot in the dark. They do have a slightly higher Internal Resistance than the MyLipos, which I think supports that theory, tho?


Great resource, thank you!

Question, whats the second graph measuring?

I bought these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LXWJ0QA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and I’m starting to regret it after seeing this thread. I swapped the connectors for some 24awg silicon wire with PH2.0 plugs at the end to use on the Nifty 50. With the syma x12 props I wasn’t getting much thrust but flight times were about 3:30-4mins and with the F36 props I’m getting much better thrust but I’m only getting about 2:45 in the air before the sag becomes to much. Letting the packs sit for a couple of minutes after and they usually read between 2.68V and 2.78V. And this is on 6mm 17kV red editions and no fpv gear yet.

@PJC I think I’m going to have to try those Crazyponey packs out now. I think I will get much better performance with them and hopefully the flight times I would like. I don’t have an HV charger yet but that’s fine, the packs last longer at standard voltage anyway. Just wish they were a bit shorter like the Boldclash packs are. At 54mm (Probably about 50 once I modify them) they will stick out just a bit on the Nifty, not the end of the world but that sort of thing bugs me a bit.

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I’m trying to find a battery that suits well on my e011 build. I’m reviewing a little bit of info about tiny whoop batteries. Also saw the RC Hobby 1S lipo testing. Right now i’m using eachine 240mah batteries (7 gr. Losi connector). They allow me to fly over 4 minutes, but they feel too heavy specially the last 2 minutes (i still have to try the 150mah, 2.0mm connector, that i have lying around). The thing is that most of the batteries used to tiny whoop have a tiny tiny little connector.

The motors i use are 7mm but they’re stock, i’m waiting for a set of mmw insane motors that may change the game…

By the variety of batteries i know and performance, i guess the sweet point must be between 180-210mah but, as i said, almost every battery that i saw in that range has a microscopic connector (apart from this one, that i’d like to try https://micro-motor-warehouse.com/collections/batteries/products/mylipo-205mah-25c-1s-6-0g-ph2-connector) and also they’re always long batteries made to fit in an inductrix frame.

Do you know any other decent battery in that range, with a decent connector?

You can of coarse use this to make the long batteries fit, or diy something similar:

Or is that not what you are looking for?

Yeah under the sticker they are listed as 250mah. I have had very good luck with their batteries. I have the Crazepony batteries and they have always impressed me. The 205mahs scream in my 6mm whoops

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thanks for the info. Already know about this foam. The thing is, in an e011 frame, you have to clip the front part in order to fit one of these long batteries. Not a big deal, after all

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Clip that thang, I say! :slight_smile:
The advantage of using Tinywhoop style batteries is… well… you can also use them on a Tinywhoop. Can’t do that with the other style batteries. Well not in a neat manner anyway… :smiley:

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You can cut it away like the E010 frame. I just weave it between the the frame of the battery holder. Ill take a picture once Im home to show you.