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1s charging with an Upgraded XT30 Parallel Charging Board


Ok, so I have balance charging down with 2+s batteries but now I am back to scratching my head since winter is coming and I am switching gears to a 1S whoop.

I have a 4 battery 1S charger but I am going to be purchasing an HTRC Duo charger, additional 1S batteries and the charging board in the title and looking to charge en mass.

I watched a video where a 6 in 1 balance charging adapter was recommended.

I am under the impression that the board I have will not balance charge the 1S as would the adapter since there is a jumper required to charge them, but will it have the same restriction of having to have no less than 6 batteries on hand to charge?


You’re probably not going to be able to charge 1s on that. That board has balance leads and 1a batteries don’t. Anyways, usually the charger won’t recognize the lips without balance leads. I’d reccomendation an actual 1s board like this

I use this one to charge my whoop batteries
To my knowledge, you can’t balance charge 1s batteries, because there’s only one cell. Makes sense


Yeah you cannot balance charge 1S batteries.

Someone on the forum made a custom 1S Charger which I made also, but the product @MidnightQuads linked will work also.


This one? Simple 1S DIY charger

I made one too, works great


That one is fancy haha!

I just soldered a bunch of JST PH plugs in parallel like this https://community.micro-motor-warehouse.com/t/crazypony-1-3s-charging-board-and-some-family/5158/5