1S batteries not working anymore?

I have some 1S lipos with pico mollex connectors that I’ve been using for my whoop. They each have about 100 cycles on them. I’ve replaced the pico mollex connector on my FC twice so far (first one burnt up badly).

Now when I try to lift off, the AIO camera keeps power cycling and my cheap charger is only charging my lipos to 4 V.

Do you guys think that my lipos are dead or can I replace the connectors on my lipos with JST PH at they will work again?

I’ve been pretty careful with my lipos, landing at 3.7 V and never charging them warm.

I would think trying at least 1 new battery would be worth the test. If ur bats only charge to 4.0v and not 4.2v fully charged ur missing a lot of juice in that cell. The majority of the punch of those batteries is missing! The punch is hidden around 4.2to4.0v hahaha

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