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15 days living on the top of a tree


So… after throwing the last of 100 or 150 stones, i was looking up to the f—king tree, trying to spot the f—king microquad, and two minutes after, it just fell to the ground. After 15 days on a tree (no rain) it just works ok. Motors spinning, vtx transmitting… Tested the battery, and it’s .437 in the multitester. I’ll try to charge it and see what happens.

Clean, rebuild and fly again!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Awesome!! I was hoping you’d get that one back?
Keep an eye on the battery, that’s one to not trust until it’s done a few cycles. I’d keep it in a lipo bag/metal box any time you aren’t literally looking at it.


thanks man!! Patience and perseverance, and that’s true with everything in life!
Thanks for the advice. Don’t have a lipo bag and don’t think i have a metal box either… I guess i’ll have to buy one, but that’ll be some days until i receive it… It seems to be charging ok, 3.9v right now…


Are you in the US? Harbor freight sells metal ammo boxes fairly cheap. You might even want to discharge it in the box too, just hook it up to a voltmeter and a light bulb if you don’t have a charger that will discharge.


No, i’m in Spain! If i do it right now, by friday i’ll have at home a pair of these https://www.amazon.es/BlueBeach-batería-Almacenamiento-seguridad-Resistente/dp/B01N97ZWY3/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1497418707&sr=8-7&keywords=lipo+bag

By now i’ll try to carefully discharge the lipo to 3.8v, and when i have the bags i’ll charge and discharge a few cycles with the battery inside the bag with the wires coming out…

Until then… is it possible to do a homemade safety bag with aluminium foil?? :sweat_smile:


Got any cinder blocks? They’re usually dirt cheap. A garage would be the best place to set it up, just so if it does catch fire, you don’t stink up the house. Set one down normally, and the next one sideways, then drop the lipo into one of the holes. If you’re worried about it going anywhere, put a third one on top, just put something near the wires to shim it up so they don’t get pinched. If it does burn or explode, the cinder blocks will keep it from damaging anything.


Man, i live in an apartment in a building without a parking garage… no place to store cinder blocks… :sweat_smile: But i do have some spare tiles from the kitchen floor that i have. I’ll put them i a way that the battery is surrounded by tiles, away from anything flammable and near an open window, until i can use the bags. I know that overdischarging a lipo can have unpredictable consequences, but at first sight the battery is just ok. It’s less than 1mm bigger than another battery from the same set. I’m going to be careful but i trust the battery will be ok, and i’ll be able even to fly it again.

Thanks a lot for your advices. Did you have bad experiences with lipos?


None yet, thankfully, but they make me nervous. I’ve just watched a lot of Youtube videos of them blowing up. One guy was actually shorting them out and blowing them up in cinder blocks, that’s what gave me the idea.


I’ve used a crock pot ceramic cooking dish at times … heavy duty cookware is a decent containment option in a pinch.


Nice idea, but i don’t think my girlfriend would be happy… It’s only two days until i receive the safety bags, so i hope it’s going to be just ok over the tiles. Thanks man


That’s what I was going to suggest, @NotFastEnuf. :wink:

@Aaa: Anything made of glass or ceramic will be safe for a tiny LiPo like this, e.g. a water glass or large coffee cup (what Americans call a “mug”). As you say, just keep it away from flammables, so bathroom or kitchen is better than living room or bedroom. :slight_smile:


Oh, that’s a nice suggestion i didn’t think about. Since it’s just a 500mah 1S battery, a cofee cup should be perfect. Thanks!!