1103 or 1102 10000KV thrust/current 1S 1535 prop


So I’m probably going to go with either a 1102 or 1103 10000KV motor on 1S with a 1535 four bladed prop for my indoor whoop.

It’s a long shot, but does anyone know how much current they will draw on a 1s lipo?


Look at the 1102 11500kv motor - you’re gonna need all the KV you can get at 1s and only a 1535 prop. That is the fastest 1102 around to my knowledge.

EDIT: - I stand corrected - FLEX RC has 15000kv and 16500kv

That sounds like a 1s winner!!!
…and now I’m going shopping to. LOL.


I’d get about 3:1 thrust to weight ratio with Racerstar 1103 10000KV and those props, but yeah more KV would be great!

Awesome! I’m looking into that now. Need to find a store in stock…


@NotFastEnuf With that high KV, would it draw a lot more current i.e. I may need a 10 - 20 A ESC? Can these 1S lipos even handle that?


Oh lord no. Any brushed 1s esc should be fine. I wouldn’t even worry about amps. I’d probably pair it with a 300 mah or so. Probably give a good 3 min on that


The AOKFLY RV1103 has a ‘soon to be released’ 15000KV version on BG.

I did see a video of the Racerstar 1103 on 1S 1535 prop showing that when it spun one more, it got 45 g thrust, but when it spun all four motors, it only got 30 g thrust per motor.

He was using a 380 mah lipo I think. Not sure if it was old.


Sweet! That’s good news.I really want to try 15000kv on 2s with 1.5 to 2" props


Can you link the test? Static tests are horrible misrepresentations of actual flight. I do agree it’d take a great quality battery … but I still think it would work out well. I watched the flex rc videos and the 16500kv really seemed to put punch the 15000kv.


Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpAYH6HIyW8

Not super scientific haha.

Actually rewatching the video, those motors scream on 1S. Hope it’s not too loud for whoop use…


Yeah that’s classic battery sag - would be less in the air but it’s still an issue especially with even higher kv. I think the flex rc dude said that there is one specific battery which he said made his whole project possible. May be worth scanning the videos on his channel


Looks like it was a graphine lipo, but from what I’ve read they don’t seem like they are any better.

Also, from the trends on the Emax 1106 motor, increasing KV increases amp draw. Maybe I’ll need a 6A esc? I was initially going with 4A


Hard to say. Very little test data on these out there. Should be similar to 0705 15000kv


@NotFastEnuf LOL! Just ordered a set of those FlexRC 1102 15,000KV yesterday. Apparently they do great on 1S, and can handle 2S as well. :wink:

I already had a Omnibus F3 Micro-AIO on the way from BG. Help! I can’t stop buying Chinese stuff I don’t really need. :sweat_smile:


Did you order straight from the Flex RC website?


@Imozeb Yes. I don’t think they are available anywhere else.



Trying to decide between those and the Aokay Fly 1103 16500 KV motors.


I came across this discussion and wanted to share my personal experience with 1s brushless
So first I’ve started with 1103 10000kv which can fly on 2" but had not punch. I have a video of it and it worked only with two blades.
Now I’ve developed 1102 15000kv which target 1.5" props and they perform very well with high C 1s batteries over 450mah.
I also have 1102 12500kv on the way to warehouse which target 2" props and showed themselves very nicely with Pico Owl, actually I’m planing to build 1s ascent with them, which should be fun


Have you discontinued the 1102 16500 kv?

I’m also curious on the biggest prop you think will survive 2s on the 15000kv.

My current motor of choice is the 1102 11500kv eachine on gf3025 cut to 57mm on 2s


I think it will be loud. I tried 1102 8000kv on 2s with those props and it sounds like a hair dryer lol. Maybe you have better luck with 1s :smiley:


I’ve switched to 15000kv because 16500kv kill esc on 2s once we will have esc with more than 5amps they should work too, but for now I wanted to have something that will work well on 1-2s.

I have a model with 2" it also flies very well, but just from the balance of power / flight times I’d stick with smaller than 2". I’m currently producing 12500kv which showed themselves very well with 2" props.