100mm 1s build Motor options

I am planning my first 1s brushless build based on a 100 mm x frame. I am looking for a freestyle feel that would have strong recovery out of flips and dives. The diversity between hardware for 1s seems to be pretty large; and coming from brushed motors the comparisons seem daunting. I guess it comes down to which would spin 65mm 2 blade props the best?

0802 2200Kv
1102 18000 Kv
1103 1500 Kv

When I end up in these situations I usually end up getting all 3 and seeing how things work for my self; but this year I’m trying to save some money. So I would really appreciate the help.


Hi @boomtown, I am also new to brushless and am busy building my first quad of the same type. I have gotten myself 12800kv 1102 motors from LDARC for 1s which I hope to be in the ideal ballpark of what I have learnt from quad66 on Rcgroups.

I have got an older brushed build of the NFE Boss 8.5 type of the exact same frame size and props size on 1s and it has absolutely no problem with recovery out of flips and dives so I am hoping that my brushless build will at least be better and not worse.

At least I can always run my brushless build on 2s if 1s turns out to be a disappointment. However, looking at flight footage of the HX100SE I would say that this kind of build should be fine on 1s.

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Thanks for the info. I ended up getting 1102 14000 kv motors from GepRC. Should be fast enough for me…
Then I also ended up getting 20000 kv 803 motors for a 85mm twiglet mini.
I am having a micro motor relapse. I’ve been out of the hobby for 2-3 years and all these new technologies are making me crazy.

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