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1 to 1 gear head that increases torque


Im still looking to find anyone knowledged in gear heads. Please reply

Please find me someone to answer this

I ordered this :

Planetary gearhead
GPX 22 HP Ø22 mm, 2-stage22 mm
16 : 1
2.4 NmCHF 157.80Details

Planetary gearhead GPX 26 LN Ø26 mm, 2-stage26 mm16 : 1
1.8 NmCHF 134.30Details

Both have the same inertia
Mass inertia1.31 gcm²

I told the sales person if there is a shaft in the middle that the lighter gear head can move the heavier gear head

He said it wont work

He said the lighter gear head will make the other gear head lighter also

It clearly says one has 15 lbs per inch and the other 21 lbs per inch

A 1 to 1 ratio gear head the increases torque is very important for many industries

Please find me someone who can help

Thank you kindly



1:1 gear ratio cannot increase torque. Physics says no.

You get a torque increase by turning a larger gear with a smaller gear. Regardless of whether it’s a pack, two gears,a chain, a belt, etc.


At 1 to 1 you literally get less out than you are putting in because you have introduced losses. You will get 1 rotation for every rotation true, but you are consuming energy rotating the mass.

The only reason to use a gearhead is to decrease rpm from a very fast but low torque source and thus increase the torque to allow the spinning of a bigger prop, or alternatively increase the rpm from a low speed high torque input allowing smaller props to work.

You need to remember you never get energy for free. Like @Bobnova mentioned, at the moment, our understanding of physics and the universe says no…

Its a bit like this…



Here see my video

And i did this with absolutely no machinery or help from anyone


Yeah see my video and i did this with absolutely no machinery or anyone
helping and everyone saying it can’t be done


You do realize that you have a lever on one side and nothing on the other, right?

This is super basic physics stuff, you either need to do some studying, or are a troll.

Real question: what does this have to do with quadcopters?


or, to put it another way: take that side that you “can turn” and remove it. put the rest of the stuff away. now try and spin it. See how much easier it is to spin? that’s because you have removed all of the losses introduced by 16 steps down, 16 steps up to get back to exactly the same place you started.
As @Bobnova pointed out, you do have a mechanical advantage- a BIG one. if the part that “you can move” is about 20mm abd the part that “you can’t move” is 2mm- that give you a 10:1 advantage. With the lever, it’s probably close to 30:1. so, there is an increase, but it has nothing to do with your gears. it is the same as using a screwdriver or a wrench. the handle, the big end that “you can move” turns the screw or bolt, the one “you can’t move” at 1:1 rotational ratio.
(the mechanical advatantage comes into play when you look at the distance a point on each moved… can you see how?)

ok, back to things that fly


For one this is micro motor forum and gears are used with motors.
For two your motors are using 20 times more power and producing20 times less results
For 3 you said 1 to 1 is impossible and i cant imagine how me showing this means im a troll or whatever you refered to me as
Sounds like you buy your gears and dont bulld them yourself


I realized my error and it was this
Another major problem is how many people were insulting me instead of helping me

it was very frustrating,


Quite sorry, just the problem was frankly unsolvable, ie not possible. Not meaning to insult you.
This is very informational, and should resolve any doubts about this subject. http://theengineeringcommons.com/episode-119-gears/
It’s a podcast by engineers, and this episode is on gears.
For your first point, while the name is micro motor community, we are a group who enjoy the rc micro multirotor hobby. We are not, generally speaking, a forum for electro-mechanical problems, if they don’t relate to quads.
As @Bobnova stated,

Again, not meaning to insult, just physics doesn’t work that way.


Easy answer bearing in a drill increase torque meaning a 1 to 1 increases torque which is why when you take the bearings out of a drill it doesn’t have the same strength. Now write maxon motor and tell them that bearings in a drill make torque . Get any 3.6 volt drill and take the bearings out of the ring in the front and tell me what hapoens when you try and drill a screw in


That’s not increasing torque from the motor, that’s decreasing loss.

Totally different.


I’m done white this problem. It was explained and isn’t possible. No need to open the thread 8 months later.
What does a bearing do to increase torque? They just decrease the friction coefficient.


If one bearing increases torque, think what TWO BEARINGS would do!


Mind blown. And think about the prospects for 0705 motors that have bushings! 5" quads that weigh 75g