07xx vs 11xx Brushless Motors for a Whoop?


Brushed whoops are great for a few weeks to a month and then get boring.
I built a 2" / 90mm screaming fast quad that was so fun I hardly ever touched my whoop again.

use these motors and the Eachine Mini Cube parts, a 12A ESC and wow!!! 3S is sick


Looks pretty good, but my plan was to make an indoor brushless whoop, since it gets pretty cold here in the winter and some of us don’t have the space to fly a brushless outdoors.

I do have a 1106 micro for when the weather gets warmer. But, even I would have to drive a good distance to get to an open enough space for a five inch.


Well, after flying so many whoops this still is the KING OF WHOOPS.

Price is good,
Building is simple,
Durability high,
So many interchangeable parts,
Great fly times or options for higher Mah motors for more power,
Cleanflight or Betaflight,
Stable and
Available for all major radios.


If you want something indoor, I’d suggest, since I’m going to join the 11xx train, to use 1102 motors. Just cuz the torque is less, so you can put smaller props on, closer to whoop ones. A frame I found was the aurora 68 one from BG.


I fly different things, so my experiences might be interesting. Short comprehension:
I fly a 55mm, 1102 10kKV, 1345 prop, 300mAh 2S machine indoors and it works well for me.
I based my build upon the revenger55 frame which came with neat prop guards, but I broke those (no prop guards for me anymore) and you can’t get replacements anymore. The machine itself is super durable and uses a “standard” 2S F4 stack.

  1. I don’t know really about 07XX, but what I’ve heard isn’t too positive.
  2. 110X are pretty durable, it depends a bit on what you get, but they survive a lot of punishment
  3. More RPM, they are significantly louder with very small props
  4. It’s not super hard. But throttle control is one of the things, also possible damage to property. Especially your GFs/wife clothes don’t like prop strikes.
  5. 1S lipos did die super fast for me in the past (might be better now) and I try to avoid 1S where I can.

If I fly that machine outdoors, I can kill the lipo within 45 seconds - indoors I have 2:30-4 minutes of nice and responsive flights. The good thing about this machine: It flies very similar to my 2" - 3" quads, just scaled down: Pretty decent throttle response, very good yaw control without “dipping” and helps me to get some stick time even when the weather outside is pretty bad.


@las Are you using DYS or Racestar 1102?

Are the 1S lipos really that bad for 1102? I was thinking something in the 450mah range.


This guy did a test with a 1103 and a tiny whoop prop. He got 32g on a 2S. I really feel like the flow would be messed up since the prop is about the same D as the motor.


1102 has a 1.5mm shaft which may affect your prop selection.


Yeah. I just feel like those 07xx motors will burn out fast. But they’re pretty cheap so I can probably try them.


I don’t think they’re quite out yet, but have you guys seen the “thumb tack” motors from FU-RC? They’re supposed to be about the same weight as 6mm brushed motors and fit a standard whoop frame…a little pricey, but not if they could outlast a few sets of brushed motors:



Wow that looks awesome!

Can’t wait to see a build with those!


The more I look into it, the more it seems like 07xx motors are not up to par yet. For example, the Racestar 07xx motors use bushings, which are reported to wear out quite quickly. The SunnySky 07xx motors use bearings, which are better, but there are a few reports of high amp draw and possible incompatiblility with some ESC because of a different number of magnet/stator configuration.

May have to go with a high KV 1102 or 1103 on 1S, and design a ducted frame for it.


Here is my personal experience

  1. Only Sunnysky have bearings to start with, as far as I know. Usually shaft breaks when you crash and in case of the racerstar motors usually you damage them when install and uninstall props or bell fell off

2/3. 1102 is much more durable and have more torque. This is why I’ve produced 1102 15000kv motors. Brushless motors are noisier but not by much and it depends on a final weight of the kwad

  1. Brushless are in general more powerful and last longet


I’ve had really good experience with even cheap 1103 motors - good durability from pressfit prop changes and good resistance against crash albeit in a 2" prop rather than a whoop size. Run smoothly and offer reasonable power.

I’ve recently reviewed the Beebee 66 here and found the sunnysky 0705 motors really disappointing from and noise and power perspective. Haven’t even gotten into the durability yet. I think the 1102s and 1103s offer a more practical amount of torque with the wide stator.


Brotherhobby are releasing some interesting new 0804 motors, good bearings and magnets with a 1.5mm shaft. Sorry about the link to a Facebook post, I couldn’t find any more info on them.


That looks pretty cool! They have the right idea. Slowly decrease in size to 6mm brushless instead of the drastic jump they did.


Quite heavy at 3.5g compared to the 0703 at about 2g but if they run smoothly and deliver the power well then we could have a contender here.


I have moved to the brushless tinywhoop built by Adamfpv. Fabulous crafts and lovely indoors (66mm). Tuned well they handle very good and are fast. I only fly 1s indoors. He builds all types of whoops.
I have several and I switch between brushed and brushless. Both have a place indoors. A smooth flying session means brushed, a fast adrenaline session means brushless. My thoughts.


Look at this short movie made with a 110mm ducted quad running 1103 motors carrying a Runcam Split Mini. The pilot still hasn’t revealed the full details of his build despite dozens of requests.


Filmmaking wise, that is one impressive intro, especially if it’s all one shot. Really creative