Category Topics

setup questions

Dont know where to start? Something wrong with your micro quad and you cant figure out what? This is the place to ask!

core components

discussions about the core components of micro multirotor scratch builds

tools & techniques

This category is for all the related stuff and skills we need to build and make our micros fly, like radio transmitters, FPV groundstations, chargers, soldering, crimping and test equipment/protocols.

The Crash Clinic

The smart man learns from his crashes.
The wise man learns from the smart man's crashes.
You had a crazy crash, made a stupid mistake, released the magic smoke?
Tell us your story!
Entertain us!
Teach us!

eye candy

You have some great pictures of your micros? Post them here for some Aahhs and Oohhs!


Got some video to share? Post it here!
Just paste the video link, and the forum will generate the embed code automatically.

In this category, we talk about this community and about this forum.
About the people, the community, about us - how we can develop new ways to collaborate and make the most out of our hobby.
And about this forum software - About discourse in general and about this specific implementation.

If you speak another language than English and want to talk about micro quads, come on in!

this is a place to meet fellow hobbyists - in person!

RTF models

this forum section is dedicated to discussions about specific RTF (ready-to-fly) models, primarily around replacing and reusing their components.